Best Affirmations for Vulnerability

Drawing from my experience and my writing, here are four best affirmations for vulnerability.

On Affirmations for Vulnerability

Lean into uncertainty without expectation.

Easy to say, but terrifying to do especially when past life events have pushed me to build protective barriers and adopt mechanisms of protection.

Vulnerability feels like the exact opposite of the safety sought.

However, the dictating mechanism is the illusion of control.

Control is not the answer because me separated in pieces weakens and makes conscious choice much more difficult.

Control is fundamentally an illusion within uncertainty.

The push for control keeps the best of me pulled apart where trust is illusive.

Looking for ways to trust myself in uncertainty creates a path where I am free to choose rather than blindly react.

Affirmation #1:

Affirmation #1 for Vulnerability

I yield control and step into trust with grace and ease.

The unknown is a constant condition of life.

Exactly what will happen tomorrow is unknown as is a week or a month or a year.

Yet the desire to know, to be certain is also a constant need.

When the need to know, to be certain is overwhelming, the push to control becomes the central focus of life.

This push will undermine my trust.

Plus, the push doesn’t change the fact that so much is and always will be unknown.

I take a step back.

I take a deep breath.

I let go of the push of control and live in the power of trust.

My life transforms as I choose:

I yield control and step into trust with grace and ease.

Affirmation #2:


I claim my life as grand adventure within the great unknown.

The great unknown can be approached in fear and anxiety or with joyous anticipation of endless possibility.

Letting go of the fear helps me view the unknown as a grand adventure of exploration and learning.

The adventure forms the basis of life and helps me know that I can lean into uncertainty.

The unknown doesn’t rob me of trust, the unknown fuels my trust as I set out on my journey filled with anticipation and excitement.

Claiming life as exploration transforms the very fabric of my life.


I claim my life as grand adventure within the great unknown.

Affirmation #3:


I open my heart to those who reciprocate my trust.

Deep relationship is scary when experience reveals the untrustworthiness of people.

Yes, there are folks not worthy of trust.

Yes, there are folks who do not hold high regard and respect for others.

I let these people go.

I take a step forward for myself toward those who return openness with respect and appreciation and their own openness.

I choose friends who honor me.

I choose friends who respect me.

I choose friends who are willing to be vulnerable with me.

Connection within the best of us can be without demand for perfection.

I am worthy and in honoring myself, I make this choice today:

I open my heart to those who reciprocate my trust.

Affirmation #4:


I trust myself to risk uncertainty.

The deep road of the spiritual journey is about trust and the unknown.

As a constant condition, uncertainty can be approached either in fear or in anticipation.

Fear pushes at trust, raising questions within my heart and mind, prickling doubt about self.

Within doubt, life flounders.

Seeing the joy of life, relishing the journey, opening to becoming helps open my heart and mind to life’s inherent uncertainty.

Trust lives within all experience, feeling, belief, and desire.

I trust instead of allowing the fear of uncertainty to knock me down.

Today I understand that I am learning that:

I trust myself to risk uncertainty.

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