Beyond Information, the Knowing of the Akashic Records

Interpreted as a database in the sky, instead:

Beyond information, 

The Akashic Records are a source of divine knowing.

The development of computers has provided a new metaphor for understanding the nature and inner workings of the Akashic Records. Perceived as a huge database in the sky, the Akashic Records are thought to be accessible like any computer. As a computer, events can be added, deleted, and edited. Within the metaphor of a database, life can be word-processed, shifting everything past, present, and future. Life, and all perceived mistakes across time, can be fixed as the one right answer is found. Don’t like your past life, edit it out. Want a different future, blot the past from the file in the sky and roadblocks are eliminated. No longer complicated, if you can use a computer; life can be right, perfect, solved.

As enticing as this may sound, cut and pasting life is an ineffective, superficial approach to dealing with the challenges life presents. This idea reinforces the notion that an expert knows you best. Viewing the Akashic Records as an energetic flow, offers an alternative which does not substitute outside belief for personal truth.

The database perspective also holds the perception of the Akashic Records as a storehouse of information past, present, and future. Secret #4 helped expand the Akashic Records beyond the limits of linear time. The next step is to understand why the Akashic Records are more than information.

Information is important and the Akashic Records contain vast, uncountable amounts of information – and there is more.

Think about how you know something. The moment before, you don’t have awareness, and in the next moment you become aware of a new idea, a new thought, a new perception. Somehow the unknown becomes known within personal awareness. This process of gathering new awareness is what I define as knowing. When you take a moment to consider how you gather new awareness, you can recognize that the unknown moves into your known through all your senses and your intuitive awareness.

Now you are aware of the energetic process of how information is received within the Akashic Records. Moving from soul origin, the unknown follows the flow of divine awareness to make itself known within your awareness.

Thus, information is the end product of gathering awareness. The entire process is knowing.

This means the Akashic Records aren’t solely about retrieving information or the right answer. Instead, the Akashic Records are a flow of knowing through divine awareness revealing within you the knowing of your truth.


10 + Secrets of the Akashic Records

This excerpt is from this easy-to-read guide which sorts ancient myth from modern understanding.

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