Blessing of Infinite Calling

I stand always within the Circle of Infinite Possibility.

My story always in motion in this moment now.

I call upon the four Winds to blow gently into this my life the sense of balance and trust necessary to live life fully and empowered.

I call upon the four Directions to provide guideposts to my journey so that I may acknowledge my intention, following my path as it appears.

I call to the four Seasons to provide the cycles of nature in which my human experience thrives and grows.

I call to Mother Earth to support me in my continued growth in understanding and compassion.

From Spirit, I call for clear horizons for my Witness to give attention to the unknowable and the unknown.

From Heart, I call forward the Capacity of loving attention as I sustain my love within.

From Mind, I call forward the glory of awareness and the capacity for releasing my blocks and obstacles.

From Body, I call forward the capacity of my humanity to weather all odds and claim all opportunities.

From within, I call to my deepest BE-ing.  May I attend to my experience, stepping often I do not know where to find the power to bring toward me quickly and easily all that I need in this moment.

Now and into all nows, stand with me as I enjoy my experience of potential become form.

In every moment, my choice and my trust create for me my integrity and truth.

I embrace my BE-ing as it fills my circle of infinite Possibility, allowing my circle to expand within the horizon of All That Is.

Now and forever.

Let me BE.


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