Blessing of Infinite Calling

I stand always within the Circle of Infinite Possibility.

My story always in motion in this moment now.

I call upon the four Winds to blow gently into this my life the sense of balance and trust necessary to live life fully and empowered.

I call upon the four Directions to provide guideposts to my journey so that I may acknowledge my intention, following my path as it appears.

I call to the four Seasons to provide the cycles of nature in which my human experience thrives and grows.

I call to Mother Earth to support me in my continued growth in understanding and compassion.

From Spirit, I call for clear horizons for my Witness to give attention to the unknowable and the unknown.

From Heart, I call forward the Capacity of loving attention as I sustain my love within.

From Mind, I call forward the glory of awareness and the capacity for releasing my blocks and obstacles.

From Body, I call forward the capacity of my humanity to weather all odds and claim all opportunities.

From within, I call to my deepest BE-ing.  May I attend to my experience, stepping often I do not know where to find the power to bring toward me quickly and easily all that I need in this moment.

Now and into all nows, stand with me as I enjoy my experience of potential become form.

In every moment, my choice and my trust create for me my integrity and truth.

I embrace my BE-ing as it fills my circle of infinite Possibility, allowing my circle to expand within the horizon of All That Is.

Now and forever.

Let me BE.

Blessing of Infinite Calling: This article is part of the articles I have written on the personal aspects of growth through spiritual practice. To read more like this, check out What is Spiritual Practice?

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