Blocks to Connection

Blocks to Connection to opening the Akashic Records come from an energetic hitch in the process. Begin by reviewing your process and then consider that the block is within your doubt. This is an excerpt from my book Open Your Akashic Records, which is also included in The Akashic Records Masterclass.

Connection in the Akashic Records is an energetic joining where your flow aligns with the motion of the Akashic Records.

Your motion has both spiritual and physical energy components, while the Akashic Records are pure potential energy emerging from and flowing through divine knowing.

Connecting with the Akashic Records is a little bit like learning how to back a car into a driveway.

The driveway is a defined space like the Akashic Records.

You are moving into the space in a new direction and it takes a bit to figure out how to align with the space.

With practice you learn the feel of the alignment, and soon little conscious effort is required to enter.

A bit like a driveway, the process and blessing is your ritual of alignment and creates a sense of boundary with the Akashic Records as target.

Repeated with each opening, both process and blessing help you develop a felt sense of alignment and connection.

Blocks in opening or connecting with the Akashic Records happen when there is a hitch in this alignment and connection process.

Most often the challenge will occur within your energy. However, if you have an issue, the first step is to double-check your opening process.

  • Are you including every step of the process?
  • Are you saying the blessing out loud at the entryway?
  • Are you going through the entryway completely?
  • Are you breathing?

Review and ensure that you are completing the process in the correct order with all the components. Each step is there for a specific, energetic reason and result. Don’t skip!

Because working at the soul level of the Akashic Records is spiritual practice, learning to open the Records will be deeply personal and will help you release what no longer serves you as you grow and expand. In this emerging motion, energy can get stuck.

When this happens, you may feel that something isn’t working right—or you may simply become aware of what is stuck.

Not to worry, ask your Akashic Records for assistance. Your Records will guide release and, where necessary or beneficial, offer understanding about the source and energy of the block.

Not all blocks need to be understood to be released.

Additionally, some blocks may have more than one layer and require more effort to fully relinquish.

Blocks to Connection is part of the Curated Collections: Akashic Records: Top Three Questions. This is also an excerpt from my book Open Your Akashic Records, which is also included in The Akashic Records Masterclass.

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