Message from Mother Earth, Sun, and Moon by Cheryl Marlene

Messages: Mother Earth, Sun, and Moon

The following are messages from Mother Earth, Sun, and Moon I received through the Akashic Records. Messages I believe to be invaluable and applicable no matter where you live, no matter the time of year, no matter belief, thought, or habit. For we all are connected within the amazing world with guidance always from Mother … Read more

Blind Production Definition by Cheryl Marlene

Blind Production

Blind Production is the mistaken belief that you must do something or produce something to prove your worth, your value as a human being. This belief drives a personal search for validation to feel valuable, wanted, and worthy. The effort to prove your worth will take you out of yourself, hiding your inner sense of … Read more

Step Into the River by Cheryl Marlene

Step Into the River

A friend of mine, Isabel, was going through a tough time at work because, as a nurse, she was witness to death and dying and the staggeringly devasting effects on friends and family. She told me she was having a tough time with two conflicting issues. One was not carrying the emotional energy of all … Read more

Affirmation of the Week #52 by Cheryl Marlene

Affirmation of the Week #52

I embrace joy always. To embrace is to stand arms opened wide in acceptance of the richness of all experience. My heart is open. My mind is willing. My body is participating. I am fully engaged in the many blessings and awesomeness of all of me. Joy is my experience always without reservation, without avoidance. … Read more

Beyond Information, the Knowing of the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

Beyond Information, the Knowing of the Akashic Records

Interpreted as a database in the sky, instead: Beyond information,  The Akashic Records are a source of divine knowing. The development of computers has provided a new metaphor for understanding the nature and inner workings of the Akashic Records. Perceived as a huge database in the sky, the Akashic Records are thought to be accessible … Read more

Affirmation of the Week #51 by Cheryl Marlene

Affirmation of the Week #51

  My life expresses joy in all moments. Joy is a continual choice in this moment. When joy is not my experience, ask, “Why not?” Remember joy can be felt in frustrating moments when I find joy in the exploration and the process of understanding. Coming out of my approach to life, joy is about … Read more

Affirmation of the Week #50 by Cheryl Marlene

Affirmation of the Week #50

I believe in myself. I allow this affirmation to find its way into the darker corners of my mind and heart. I allow myself to consider whatever needs attention, beyond expectation, stagnant belief, and egotistical desire. From these hazy corners, I allow whatever disrespects me to move into my awareness. I allow whatever denigrates the … Read more

Release the Need for Perfection by Cheryl Marlene

Affirmation: Release the Need for Perfection

Mariah, one of my earliest students, was a very productive person and owner of her own very successful business. Her success was due in large part to her relentless push to “be perfect.” In working together, I suggested affirmations as a way to release stress that was causing both emotional and physical breakdown. At first, … Read more

Affirmation of the Week #49 by Cheryl Marlene

Affirmation of the Week #49

I love who I am becoming. With the expansive possibilities of personal transformation, I am not the same from one moment to the next. I exist, I am, I experience across a vast continuum of possibility. My being is always becoming more within the learning and opening to being more in this moment than I … Read more

Heart Truth, Body Wisdom by Cheryl Marlene

Heart Truth, Body Wisdom

Affirmations can help get to heart truth and body wisdom. Affirmations help transcend the outward-orientation of life, shifting instead to looking for truth first within the balance of heart and mind, body and soul. Affirmations support awareness of the soul’s natural expression, offering guidance to follow personal truth found at center and in your inner … Read more

Affirmation of the Week #48 by Cheryl Marlene

Affirmation of the Week #48

  When life is difficult, I do not, will not give up. All the inner turmoil and difficulty can be overwhelming, can rudely hit hard and low and sneaky, with hope I will give in, walk away, lapse into blame, anger, and unhappiness. A desire to hold me back and have me rot in the … Read more

The Akashic Records Beyond Life Purpose by Cheryl Marlene

The Akashic Records Beyond Life Purpose

Not limited to revealing life purpose, instead: The Akashic Records offer a view of possible steps toward your future. The Akashic Records are often perceived to be a primary dispensary of life purpose. Finding the right answer to life’s purpose provides a clear path to knowing how to be a worthy person, how to live … Read more

Affirmation of the Week #47 by Cheryl Marlene

Affirmation of the Week #47

  Fear has no place in my life. Fear reaches out and squeezes my heart with hopes of controlling me and making me feel powerless, small, ineffective, and disconnected. Fear is used as a form of attack on the best of me with the intention to interrupt my life and make me step back, let … Read more

How to Open the Akashic Records

I have been accessing the Akashic Records for over twenty years. Very early on, the Akashic Records offered me a unique view of the Akashic Records as a flow of divine energy and knowing, moving beyond the old metaphors of book and library into a future-oriented, energy-based foundation. This perspective greatly shifted and deepened my experience of … Read more

Affirmation of the Week #46 by Cheryl Marlene

Affirmation of the Week #46

I trust myself in all aspects of my life. Trust is a spiritual practice which requires consistent effort. Because life has disappointments and unexpected turns, trust can be challenging. Without trust, my life is simply afloat, pushed and pulled by the tides of fate. When I claim trust, my journey begins. A journey to learn … Read more

Hearing My Soul’s Truth by Cheryl Marlene

Affirmation: Hearing My Soul’s Truth

As the intention of an Affirmation practice deepens, the affirmation itself becomes part of the soul’s voice and expression, bringing awareness from the unconscious, expanding awareness, and offering opportunities for new learning and growth. A new habit is established within, finding guidance from within the heart. The critical voice fades to a tiny, occasional peep. … Read more

Affirmation of the Week #45 by Cheryl Marlene

Affirmation of the Week #45

I no longer allow myself to believe my critical voice. Time to cut power to the critical voice. Time to claim responsibility. Time to trust. Time to hear truth. Time to determine my life’s path based on choice rather on the stories offered up by the critical voice. Now is the time. Now is the … Read more

Push of Wall Hitting by Cheryl Marlene

The Push of Wall Hitting

I hit a big wall last week. I’ve been pushing on myself to do this and that – pushing nonstop for a while if I’m honest. In retrospect, the wall hitting didn’t come as a huge surprise. Tuesday night, when I stopped and considered, I let my awareness go to wherever the push originated. I … Read more