Blame is of the past. Fear of tomorrow anchors you in a future that can never happen. What are you ready to let go? Or would you rather see only fear so that you are distracted from trying for your best and failing.

A Message from The Ancestors

We are The Ancestors of the Planet Earth, we are The Ancestors of all universal form. We come forward to bring you a message for each of you as you begin a new solar year.

What does it mean to receive your BE-ing?

First, think of yourself as a balance between who you are physically and who you are spiritually. Your balance exists within a dynamic continuum we call Universal Life Force (ULF).? ULF is the motion in the universe that animates you and flows within the wholeness of you. You balanced between physical and spiritual with ULF … Read more

What is the Unknowable?

In this sense the unknowable is that which is just beyond our grasp — that which dances just beyond our field of perception. The unknowable can go unnoticed easily as we go about the day-in and day-out of our lives. Yet the unknowable is also that which beckons, unrecognized, as the motivator of action, of thought, and of feeling.

Trust and the Horizon of My Truth

As Trust builds, what no longer serves melts away. I see that I no longer need to worry what I see because when the time is Now, my vision comes clear and I view the horizon of my truth. 

Life PUrpose Right Before Your Eyes by Cheryl Marlene

Life Purpose Right Before Your Eyes

Your life purpose doesn’t exist in some magical world accessible only by the elite and the gifted. Your life purpose unfolds right before you each time you consider possibilities and feel within the truth of your next step.

The Challenges of Change and Finding Healing Balance

Most often external conflict is about identifying within that which no longer serves you and is ready to be released. Conflict seen in this light can be embraced as a powerful avenue for change and seeking balance, actually two sides of the same coin of the inner healing balance.

View of Tomorrow in the Song of Your Soul Today!

As I look across the possibilities for this year 2009, I see that the fulcrum for change is firmly in place.? But not a place where most humans are looking.? For the most part your view is limited to current events.? However, these events are but views of the shifts of yesterday, the view of … Read more

Pressure of Fear by Cheryl Marlene

The Pressure of Fear

One of the most insidious aspects of Fear is that it pushes us to do exactly the opposite of what will bring us relief and a perspective for powerful action. In other words, fear pushes us to act out of fear, to act because we are afraid. Fear wants us to blindly accept the terror of an only imagined future. Fear hopes to dupe us into acting against our best interests. Fear goads us into acting from aversion.

Earth Changes & Human Consciousness

Saying we are going from the third to the fourth dimension (or whatever the different ways of talking about it that there are) is to miss deeper understanding. These dimensions exist all at one time and we (Mother Earth & Planet Earth) and you are already in them. So it is not something we are moving into. But what is changing is the predominant awareness of where humans are and how humans are aware that they can exist. Awareness is changing.

On Receiving

Think of a beautiful flowing river that moves no matter the obstacle. This river is a continuous flow moving always within the potential and possibility of all energy. The river is a flow of divine energy containing the infinite possibility of the universe. This river is the flow of All That Is.