Blueprint for Action

Opening the Akashic Records of Mother Earth & Planet Earth, I asked the following question and received this answer.

Q. ? What can I do to improve the conditions of my physical environment?

A. In short, first align your being and then allow your actions to flow from the balanced center of your alignment. Here are the steps.

1. Align your Being: This is 99% of what you do to be most effective in your action within the physical environment. It is also the step most humans neglect. Instead you jump immediately into pity, blame or fear. The most positive choice is to move into action/doing by connecting to the deep potential and possibility of our planet. Here’s how to align and connect: ”

* Transform Pity into Potential: When you see an environmental situation you don’t like most of you gasp with the feeling, “Oh no, that poor planet! How awful!” This is expressing pity. Feeling pity cuts you off from the deep possibility available in every situation. Learn to look at all situations around you recognizing the possibility available. Envision and feel the situation transforming into a deeper, fuller expression of its deepest being. It is not necessary to see actual outcomes. You provide even more possibility by feeling the situation expressing its deepest potential than by seeing how it might look actually expressed. Now pity has become potential. “

* Transform Blame into Acceptance: When you see an environmental situation you don’t like, do you respond with “Look what those people did to my planet?” Blame locks everyone in the past, a place where power-over conflict becomes the only path to resolution. If you want to change a situation, you need to move into the present, the only place where the potential of the situation comes to fruition. Acceptance doesn’t mean that you agree with the actions or beliefs of “those people”. Acceptance is neutral evaluation. Most importantly with acceptance you move from the past stuck in blame in to the present where choice is available. “

* Transform Fear into Choice: The fear of “will it always be this bad” locks you into a future separated from all possibility. Look in your heart and feel within yourself the endless possibility available to you. Know that every environmental situation that you fear will never change is filled with the some endless possibility you have. Stuck in fear, you limit the expression and development of this possibility. Instead say, “I feel fear about this situation.” Feel how the issue unlocks from the future and moves into your present moment as you bring your feeling from the future to the present. Without fear or pity or blame, the situation is fully present to possibility and you stand in your powerful place of choice, free of judgment of yourself or others.

2. Determine Your Action: To find the perfect action now, connect with the magic of deep possibility. Feel in your heart your connection will all that is. Feel the expansive movement of endless possibility within you and within the situation. Feel how all choice is in total alignment with you and you are in total alignment with endless possibility. From the balanced light in your heart ask, “What is it for me to do in this environmental situation?” Through your heart, listen for the answer. Wait for the answer to come to you. It is being sent to you from the universe and will come if you stand ready to receive. Don’t be surprised if the answer is about continuing to connect and align your being rather than specific action. The world is overly full with folks acting without being. If you dare to receive fully and without reservation or judgment, the universe will respond, taking you ever higher into deep universal potential and the Earth’s deepest love.

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