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I have two series of books:

The Akashic Records Library Collection — all of my books about the Akashic Records

The Personal Power Library Collection — of my books about personal power and spiritual practice.

All of the books are available in print and ebook formats — several in audio.

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The Akashic Records Library Collection

The New Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

The New Akashic Records

Third Edition of this award-winning book!

Looking for a deep understanding of the history and nature of the Akashic Records?

Ever wonder why the Akashic Records is associated with the Book of Life?

The New Akashic Records is an advanced and complex investigation of the nature and history of the Akashic Records. Think graduate-level text.

Most importantly, The New Akashic Records transcends the limits of outdated beliefs about what the Akashic Records can do, expanding perspective from only being a source of information of past lives to a powerfully transcendent and dynamic process of healing and spiritual practice.

Based on over two decades of research and experience, Cheryl Marlene, master teacher and the world’s expert on the Akashic Records, provides an incredible scope to view the Akashic Records within the lens of history and the heart of a mystic.

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The New Akashic Records

The Akashic Records Masterclass by Cheryl Marlene

The Akashic Records Masterclass

The world’s most comprehensive guide to learning about the Akashic Records, with over 800 pages, 155,000 words and six completed books – in a single volume.

In The Akashic Records Masterclass learn how the Akashic Records can help you overcome fear, find resilience, and discover your path forward in the challenges of today’s world.

To thrive in during extraordinary global shifts, maybe you are ready to do more than raise your vibration? 

Perhaps you have learned about the Akashic Records elsewhere and want to move beyond notions of the dynamic Akashic Records as simply accessing a static archive of the soul? 

Or is it time to push beyond simply learning your soul’s purpose and learn to do deeper transformative work today? 

You’re in the right place!

Following the deep guidance within The Akashic Records Masterclass to open the Akashic Records moves you beyond fear into the deep connection within you. 

In your journey, you realize that you are worthy of a life capable of thriving in global shift.

Get started today! Explore The Akashic Records Masterclass and begin your journey.

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The Akashic Records Masterclass

Akashic Records Master Course

First Volume is Introduction to the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

Introduction to the Akashic Records

How to Understand the Akashic Records, Hear the Story of Your Soul, and Connect with Divine Knowing

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Volume Two is Open Your Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

Open Your Akashic Records

Trust Your Truth, Open Your Heart to Deep Knowing, and Find Your  Soul’s Spiritual Practice

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Volume Three is Open the Akashic Records for Other by Cheryl Marlene

Open the Akashic Records for Other

Step into Your Potential as a Reader, Connect Other to the Akashic Records, Deepen Your Connection with the Universal Mysteries

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How to Navigate the Five Steps of Your Spiritual Journey

Release Obstacles, Manage Challenge, and Claim Opportunities

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10+ Secrets of the Akashic Records

Learn How to Transform the Akashic Records from Simplistic Advice Book to Personal Process of Learning and Growth

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400+ Questions to Ask the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene.

400+ Questions to Ask the Akashic Records

Question Suggestions to Figure Out What You Want to Know and What You Want to Let Go

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The Personal Power Library Collection

To Do Your Work by Cheryl Marlene

To Do Your Work

The Spiritual Practice of Personal Power

The world is in the midst of extraordinary change – a change creating powerful pressure within to get clear, to be conscious, to do your work.

This book offers a clear path of release for the twelve pressure points of this change.

This is a book for your journey.

Because NOW is time: to do your work!

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Affirmations Power Personal Transformation by Cheryl Marlene

Affirmations Power Personal Transformation

52 Weeks of Affirmations to Calm Your Critical Voice, Reverse Negative Self Belief, and Transform Your Life

Available Formats: Print and eBook

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It’s a new year and a new decade. Are you dreaming of big changes but unsure how to start?

Use Affirmations to power your transformation in 2020 and beyond.

When you change the flow and approach to your life, you transform.

Because this is your effort, your experience, and your responsibility, transformation is personal – as well as life changing.

So much is written about personal transformation that it can seem like an impossible task.

At least that’s what I used to think until one day I found out the secret.

Personal transformation begins with one step.

Just one step.

And it doesn’t have to be big or long or deep.

One sentence said out loud.

A sentence which describes the energy of the new you.

Repeated at the beginning, middle, and end of your day.

Affirmations can help you begin your process of personal transformation.