Circle of Fellow Soul-Journeyers

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About Soul Messages: I enjoyed the forum of being in a circle of fellow soul-journeyers. I learn so much from others readings and I hope that I can contribute to other's well being in a similar fashion. Every time I participate in Soul Messages my life seems to undergo a shift in varying degrees of [...]

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Like a Group of Friends

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About Soul Messages: Really liked your opening message, it was really apropos for my life right now. It was nice to have, like you said, a group of friends around a table talking about important questions. It was a really nice feeling. LH, Hawaii

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I felt a Kinship I Was Not Expecting

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I found so much value in asking my personal questions and receiving answers that truly and profoundly transformed my experience for the better, and I was also very pleased to be able to share this process with a circle of others. I felt a kinship that I was not expecting and I feel honored to [...]

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