Structure of an Akashic Record Reading by Cheryl Marlene

Structure of an Akashic Record Reading

In early monastic traditions, the lectio divina was the reverential reading aloud of scripture or holy text. The Reader listened with body and mind, heart and soul, allowing the energetic spiritual resonance of the words to open awareness to the presence of divinity within and without. The act of uttering sacred words with deeply meditative … Read more

The Spiritual Importance of Agreements by Cheryl Marlene

The Spiritual Importance of Agreements

As a spiritual concept, integrity is foundational. Integrity is alignment of truth. Yet, because the future is never 100% predictable, integrity is also a risk – a risk that the future may be different than anticipated. Living on an island alone, integrity is much easier to honor and keep. However, living in a world with … Read more

The Five Principles of Luminous Community

Luminous Community is a fellowship of serious spiritual seekers held within the light of all who participate and All That Is. Vulnerable sharing is the basis of this community. Vulnerable sharing occurs when one is willing to risk personal truth and step into the self-growth and self-expansion available within participation in the community. To support … Read more

Tell Me What are the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

Tell Me What Are the Akashic Records?

“I am a Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records,” I replied to my new friend when she asked me about my occupation. “The ACK-what?” came her response — one I hear frequently. So, I began. Everything is energy. That eternal part of yourself – your soul – as it moves through the Universe, like all … Read more

Why Study with Cheryl Marlene

Why Study the Akashic Records with Cheryl?

1. First, the Sage Path moves understanding of the Akashic Records from yesterday’s metaphors of book and library into a clear view of the spiritual energy dynamics of the Akashic Records. We begin by understanding the motion of energy from All That Is through the focus of the soul. This is the starting point for … Read more

Opening the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

What is learning to access the Akashic Records about?

Opening the Akashic Records is not about getting some place where you know everything. Embracing the Akashic Records as the soul’s spiritual practice moves you towards an inner experience where you connect with your soul’s source of universal knowing. Through this connection, you learn to trust yourself and your choice in this moment, opening your … Read more

Trust Crisis in the Akashic Records

Learning to work with the Akashic Records as a spiritual practice will encourage you to let go of whatever no longer serves you. This means you will find you will experience shift, change, and the emergence of new perceptions. You will let go and you will allow in new. Thus, in learning this spiritual practice, … Read more

Akashic Records

Why Learn to Access Your Akashic Records?

You learn to open the Akashic Records not because of what you can do with the Akashic Records (which is admittedly powerful and unlimited). You access your own Akashic Records because of what the process of opening takes you through: a process defined by integrity, intention, and a flow of ever new beginnings;a process where … Read more