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How to Embrace Divine Timing and Trust My Process?

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Every four to six weeks, I host a special event called Soul Messages.  In this event I open the Akashic Records of participants and answer their questions.  I also always offer a topic of thought for the day and suggest a question to go with the topic. In the following Soul Message Reading, the [...]

What is the Akasha?

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The word Akashic means "of, or pertaining to the Akasha."  The term Akasha is a Sanskrit word which has meaning in all the religions which use Sanskrit as a holy language, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Tibetan Bon.  Within these religions there is not agreement about the nature of the  Akasha.  Generally, all manifest [...]

How do the Akashic Records Describe an Akashic Record Reading?

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I asked the Akashic Records to describe an Akashic Record Reading.  Here’s what I received! In Joy! Cheryl An Akashic Record Reading begins with a request. The energy of this request, whether or not there is clarity about the request, asks for attention to be brought to the deepest part of self. This [...]

What is an Akashic Record Reading?

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In early monastic traditions, the lectio divina was the reverential reading aloud of scripture or holy text where the reader listened with body and mind, heart and soul, allowing the words and their vibrations of spirit to open awareness to the presence of divinity within and without. The act of uttering sacred words [...]

Akashic Records: Definition #3

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Before reading this, get caught up!  Definition #1 and Definition #2. One of my intentions in my work with the Akashic Records is to change the fundamental understanding of what the Akashic Records are and can become. The Akashic Records are not static.  The Akashic Records are part of the active creative motion [...]

Akashic Records: Definition #2

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If you haven’t yet, please get caught up by reading Akashic Records Definition #1.  Thank you! When you stand on the outside of something, all you can see is the outside.  The idea which applies is don’t judge a book by its cover.  It’s only after you have opened and read, that you [...]

Akashic Records: Definition #1

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When I was in the process of writing The New Akashic Records, I challenged myself to find the perfect definition for the Akashic Records. I wrote possibilities on index cards, hanging the cards on my office wall, all hopeful auditions. I narrowed the field and then in a brainstorm added 10 more possibilities [...]

Video: Cheryl Explains the Akashic Records School

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How I mentor students in learning about the Akashic Records through the Sage Path and the Akashic Records School:

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Video: Cheryl’s Circle Diagram for the Akashic Records

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To understand the depth and breadth of the Akashic Records, let's take a a very different point of view. Let's understand the Akashic Records from the point of view of spiritual energy dynamics. That's where what I call the Circle Diagram comes in. A visual explanation for the flow of energy which is the Akashic [...]

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Top Three Reasons for an Akashic Record Reading

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1. Heal Pain and Trauma: Whether from recent or past events, or even past or future lives, many of my clients find the ability and support to let go of physical and emotional pain and trauma. This is the most powerful work I do in Akashic Record Reading because we go beyond the mind's [...]

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Tell Me What Are the Akashic Records?

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"I am a Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records," I replied to my new friend when she asked me about my occupation. "The ACK-what?" came her response -- one I hear frequently. So I began. Everything is energy. We all have this energetic spark within that is eternal, it never dies. As our spark lives [...]

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Life At Center

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There is in this world a push to pull you off center. Within you is an intense desire to stay connected, stay centered. Entropy is the motion which pulls apart, a motion towards disorder. Love is the motion which centers experience, providing connection, a tether, an ability to stand regardless of disorder. Life is easily [...]

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Trust Crisis

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Learning to work with the Akashic Records as a spiritual practice will encourage you to let go of whatever no longer serves you. ?This means you will find you will experience shift, change, and realization. ?You will ?let go and you will allow in new. Thus, in learning this spiritual practice, the biggest obstacle most [...]

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What is Divine Timing?

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Timing as divine is a difficult concept to pin down because human awareness takes in something about this divine aspect of time as being outside, beyond, external.

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Why Learn to Access Your Akashic Records?

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  You learn to open the Akashic Records not because of what you can do with the Akashic Records (which is admittedly powerful and unlimited). You access your own Akashic Records because of what the process of opening takes you through -- a process defined by integrity, intention, and a flow of ever new beginnings; [...]

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