Commitment to Connection by Cheryl Marlene

Commitment to Connection

So, hmmm …. this has been a helluva emotional day for me. This morning, sitting side by side, my daughter and I watched the first woman be sworn in as Vice-President of the United States. We watched the wonder of Amy K, Lady Gaga, JLo, and then the amazing writing/performance of a young woman reading … Read more

How to Open the Akashic Records

I have been accessing the Akashic Records for over twenty years. Very early on, the Akashic Records offered me a unique view of the Akashic Records as a flow of divine energy and knowing, moving beyond the old metaphors of book and library into a future-oriented, energy-based foundation. This perspective greatly shifted and deepened my experience of … Read more

The Release of Relief by Cheryl Marlene

The Release of Relief

Two months ago, I had a three-hour conversation with my daughter which significantly changed both of our lives. Move. We decided to move. Not down the block. Or across town. Nope. Our choice was halfway across the country. From Oregon to Oklahoma. We agreed to work toward being in a new location by the end … Read more

Learning to Live In Connection-Out by Cheryl Marlene

Learning to Live in Connection

Here’s a confession: Sometimes I feel lonely. Over the years, I’ve thought about why. I have even asked my Akashic Records why on several occasions. Here’s what I’ve come to: I’m a serious, self-responsible person deeply interested in EVERYTHING – especially the philosophical, the intellectual, and the spiritual. (I’m also a totally light-hearted person who … Read more

Learning to Live In Trust by Cheryl Marlene

Learning to Live in Trust

When I first began my journey into the deeper parts of myself, I wasn’t very sure of myself. I found trusting myself was challenging. I questioned myself and the world around me. I thought perhaps learning some special skill or technique might help. And you might think I began with the Akashic Records for this … Read more

Learning to Live Inside-Out by Cheryl Marlene

Learning to Live Inside-Out

I’ve been working with the Akashic Records for over 20 years and in that time, I’ve learned so much about myself. One of the biggest changes in my life has been what I call the shift to inside-out. In the beginning of my journey, as I began to explore the spiritual side of my life, … Read more

The Relief of Prince Charming by Cheryl Marlene

The Relief of Prince Charming

When I was 12, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I knew instinctively what I wanted: Prince Charming on his white steed whisking me away. This response always got a laugh. Now when I think of my reply, as a grownup, I instinctively get what I didn’t understand then. I … Read more

Balance IS by Cheryl Marlene

Balance IS

Balance Is. This is one of the most powerful ideas from my Akashic Records. Balance is not something you have to push hard to make happen. Instead, stop. Take a step back. Assess. Where is balance in this moment? Something may need to be let go. Something else may require the realization that expectation is … Read more

My Body is the Beauty of Experience by Cheryl Marlene

My Body is the Beauty of Experience

I had a major epiphany last night. The kind of major awareness that caught my breath as tears rolled down my face. A moment where all else froze and I literally felt a huge shift within me, gears rotating into place, thoughts lining up, the unneeded quickly ushered out of my heart’s door, the wisdom … Read more

Open Your Akashic Records — Just Released!

Exciting News! My new book Open Your Akashic Records has just been released! Short Story: Open Your Akashic Records is an easy-to-follow guide to opening your Akashic Records. Based on two decades of experience, this book offers all you need to learn to trust yourself to open your Akashic Records at the deepest levels of … Read more

Essence of Excellence by Cheryl Marlene

Essence of Excellence

Yesterday, the fishmonger at my local grocery store was in excellent spirits. He had arranged for an amazing sale of fresh Alaskan Coho Salmon. I love salmon, especially fresh. A treat I used to enjoy often when I lived in a small seaside town in Washington State. When it was my turn to order, I … Read more

Learn Always, Connect Openly by Cheryl Marlene

Learn Always, Connect Openly

My office is in my home and my home is a one-bedroom apartment. I’ve worked from home for more than 15 years and have trained myself to truly work. I’ve learned habits to help me accomplish my professional goals and I’ve learned to let go of house chores which can easily keep me from getting … Read more

Bubbles of Ecstasy: My Mother’s Passing

Life’s defining moments come from the unknown, sailing past expectations, catching one unaware, in awe. Out of time or, in looking back on the moment, awareness that time moved at a different pace from daily life. I have had several such moments where I could feel the flow of the event shift the riverbed of … Read more

Morning Ritual by Cheryl Marlene

Morning Ritual

Upon rising, maybe while still in bed, or as you begin your morning routine, complete these four sentences: I am thankful for ….. I am looking forward to ….. I am ready to let go of ….. Today I will …..

What is Soul Shift?

Soul shift happens when you begin to long to understand the deepest part of who you are as an integrated spiritual-physical being. When other paths of self-help are no longer effective, the sacred soul shift of the Akashic Records can support you as you explore the challenges and possibilities of your life. You are ready … Read more

The Dynamic Recording of the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

The Dynamic Recording of the Akashic Records

Question: What kind of energy vibration or consciousness can record into the Akashic Records? The short answer is that any energy vibration or consciousness “records” into the Akashic Records. There is no limitation. There is no distinction in flows of energy and whether they are in the Akashic Records or not. However, this question reflects … Read more

Flora and Jasper by Cheryl Marlene

Flora and Jasper

Recently I have been on a mission to catalog all of my writing. The goal is moving toward more flexibility in how how write and create and to yield a more bountiful offering in my publishing venues.  This mission, so far, has had several unexpected consequences. First, I have been amazed. I have created quite … Read more

Why Are the Akashic Records Appearing Now by Cheryl Marlene

Why are the Akashic Records Appearing Now?

The entire foundation for human life is changing and for some this change is radical. For others it is welcomed at the deepest levels. Part of this change has to do with how humans perceive and experience what you call spiritual experience. By integrating physical and spiritual, the experience of humanity will shift in all … Read more

You are a Different Person Today by Cheryl Marlene

You’re a Different Person Today!

A great friend had a huge epiphany about her life this week. In telling me about her heart-felt realization, she said to me, “How did I ever make that choice?  How was I that stupid?” In reply, I said, “Because you were a different person.” We all look back at our choices and wonder and … Read more