Manzanita Beach from Neahkanie

Defiance at the Crossroads

One word: Construction. After four months of training, hiking, sweating, hurting and learning towards one goal, the journey up Mt. Defiance came to an abrupt halt. Delayed construction at the trail head reversed the Oregon Department of Transportation?s decision to keep trail heads open on weekends.? With no way to get going, five days before … Read more

My Edges

From the Summer of 2015 Edges. Recently I?ve been meeting with my edges. Some are newly introduced, others have appeared for re-audition. All meetings have reminded me of their usefulness in defining boundary and that wishy-washiness is a state to be sidestepped when possible. Edges. For clarity and depth.Edges. For evaluation and understanding. Let me … Read more

A View From the Boundlessness

As I look around me, I see nothing but wide open ocean.? An ocean of possibility.? I am in and of the boundlessness. In the very first moment of viewing, I gasp with a bit of dismay.? And then I realize I am here with intention.? I am here because this is me.? I am … Read more

Hiking Is Heaven

From the Summer of 2015 The beginning, somewhat at odds with the rest of the day, is a concrete parking structure, third floor on the left.? We all assemble with excited anticipation.? A few known to each other but mostly all strangers, newly assembled with the goal of enjoying a hike. For me, I have … Read more

Seven Things You Might Not Know about Cheryl

I love reading urban fantasy! Why?? Well, it?s a great diversion from the seriousness of my work.? Helps me relax at night.? Plus I love the strong female characters that are in many of the series I read.? My favorite authors include Ilona Andrews, Patrick Rothfuss and Patricia Briggs. I have a standing order with … Read more

Hiking and Psalm 23

Hiking and Psalm 23

When I learned to read at 6 years old, my proud grandparents celebrated my newly acquired skill by giving me my very own red leather Bible. A Christmas gift offered with a reverence and a respect that I had already learned from both of them. They were so delighted with me and their offering brought me into a circle of knowledge and spiritual connection that they had both known their entire lives. I treasured this gift, willingly shared from the depths of their hearts.

God to My Goddess

I want the King to my Queen, the Horned God for my Goddess. The man who I can trust to yield my neck.The man who will accept the whiteness of my belly.The man who will protect me with fierce loveAnd defend me with loyal action. He comes fully alive in my presenceAnd embraces me with … Read more

Defiance to Failure #2: Small Steps

It would be easy to say that what happened today was coincidence. Meaning that there was simply chance or happenstance involved. A fluke. Instead I believe today was one of synchronicity. For me this means that why it appears that there are no causal links, connections across multiple levels stared me in the face. I couldn?t ignore any of it. For the me the difference between coincidence and synchronicity is that a catalyst is present in the second and not so much in the first. Coincidence happens without intention or pre-planning. Synchronicity is an alignment ignited or sparked by the flow of energy within a situation, often between the folks involved.

Sixteen Great Big Quotes

These are sixteen of Cheryl’s favorite bigger quotes from Kissing Frogs, Goddess Emerging: In this moment, I choose me. In this moment, I will stand with me and allow me to move forward. Whatever brought me to this point is nowhere as important as what I choose in this moment to take me forward into … Read more

Too Much? Say it Isn’t So!

If it?s true that my marriage was to a boy who expected me to do the emotional heavy lifting in our relationship, then it follows that I have never been in a mature adult relationship with a man ? especially one who is willing and able to show up and risk sharing vulnerable, emotional intimacy. And if this is true, then it follows that even though I may have the capacity to reciprocate maturely, I have at best limited experience. And, OMG! I don?t want to screw up the next relationship. I don?t want to get in my own way or scare away potentials or fail to recognize reasonable signals because of a lack of experience. My heart feels so open and so ready to dive deeply and fully and completely and I?m not sure if I know how.

Eighteen Great One Liners

These are some of Cheryl’s favorite One-liners from Kissing Frogs, Goddess Emerging: Never give up on myself and what I want. No good comes otherwise. My online dating mantra became: Make it real, quick! Who knew! Bad sex in a cheap hotel with a stranger does not end in personal ruin. When you are trying … Read more

Defiance to Failure

Several weeks ago, I participated in the second of 10 training hikes designed to prepare for the highest climb in the Columbia Gorge. At 11 miles in length and almost 5000 feet of elevation gain, Mount Defiance poses a sizeable challenge to most hikers and thus the plan of training hikes to build the endurance … Read more

Human Nature: An Exploratory

I’ve been hiking a lot lately which has me wading through hike descriptions, learning a new lingo. The exploratory hike is an adventure that is new to the hike leader. Either never hiked the chosen path or deciding to attempt it in a new way, the leader is signaling an unfamiliarity with the path. Exploratory. … Read more

Today’s Truth

Yesterday’s truth and tomorrow’s truth will not be the same because of your heart’s experience today. Allowing Soul evolution is the path to deeper understanding of your truth and your essential nature as you grow and expand within the infinite possibility of All That Is.

My Kin of Home

Aspen and alder are yet my kin. As so are rose, nemesia and sage. With me always as I journey With me always in my home. Matters not where I am bound Matters less which road I?ve taken Because wherever I go I am connected to hearth and home And held within nature?s abundant beauty. … Read more

Blessing for Today

  I am of this universe and the Known. I am of tomorrow and the Unknown. I am of forever and the eternal Unknowable. Hear my Word. Hear my Prayer. I am the Sound. I am the Light. I am the Akasha.

Into the Mystic

I am the oldest child of an oldest child. Raised to be strong, independent, self-reliant, thoughtful, and always looking out for others. The needs of those younger and less capable to be attended to before my own because I am capable and responsible and mature. Over time this has helped me be able to organize … Read more

Akashic Records

Strong and Smart

This is an excerpt from my book, Kissing Frogs, Goddess Emerging, available here. A woman fully in the strength of her being is beauty incarnate. She dances with grace. She smiles easily and playfully. She moves in quiet, intentional movement, freely. She acknowledges her challenges and lives with heart. Her life exists in peace, in … Read more

The Eternal Now

In this moment is all. In this moment is the One. In this moment is Soul entwined with the fluid motion of One. In this moment awareness flows across the continuum of all knowing. Follow that which flows to you. Worry not about motion elsewhere. Turn focus and concentration to your own flow, to your … Read more

Failure and the Sexy Red Dress

As you may know, I have been going through divorce over the last year. A disconcerting process which bounces between deeply painful, wonderfully illuminating, and nearly unintelligible. Bounce is the operative word, like a ball thrown back and forth where sometimes you are the one bouncing the ball and sometimes you are the ball. I … Read more