Here in the Dark

Here I sit in the dark. The sun has set and the only light is from my computer screen. I am here, now, feeling the edge of my new life emerging from the unknown and the unexpected. Love fills my heart and I am full of light from the love of friends and family and … Read more

The Beauty of All People by Cheryl Marlene

The Beauty of All People

I will confess: I’m a talker.  I love to tell stories, share information, and connect with others through the spoken word.  I like how understanding sparks within them and within me, creating a moment of shared awareness.  My stories I tell are neither fiction or non-fiction, rather whispers of the heart and murmurs of the … Read more

Serenity Beyond Fear by Cheryl Marlene

Serenity Beyond Fear

Inner preparation is necessary as the failing model of patriarchal, authoritarian dominance gives way to a new vision of integration and awareness within the best of who we are and can become. Scarcity is a myth perpetuated to allow fear to dominate our world and, more importantly, generate fear within ourselves and of one another. … Read more

The Loom of My Life

I’ve been on a new journey the last couple of months? As I look back, it is hard in this moment to see all that it’s been about. Many moments which have yet to integrate. Many moments which feel like their own separate strands of experience and exploration. I feel like my life has moved … Read more

Dalles Mountain Ranch Hike

Trail Guides

East of Portland, where I live, beyond the conifer and deciduous forests which bestow their presence on both sides of the Columbia Gorge of Oregon and Washington are the buttes and cliffs and hills adorned simply in grass and wildflower and oak at creek side. No majestic fir or ever-present salal. A solitary beauty reaching … Read more

Lessons of Greed

Lessons of Greed

As the solar calendar begins again, the global energy is confused by the narcissistic tendencies of a few who would love their agenda of greed to keep them wealthy and powerful. This is not a lesson that any with money are corrupt. This is a lesson that those motivated by greed will always move on … Read more

Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual

Upon rising, maybe while still in bed, or as you begin your morning routine, complete these four sentences: I am thankful for …. I am looking forward to …. I am ready to let go of …. Today I will ….

Losing Self

Losing Self: Challenges on My Spiritual Journey

In my church, growing up, we often sang a lovely song with these lyrics: When I’m on my journeyThere is no one there but me. At the time, I was a little puzzled because I didn’t feel alone, yet I sang the song often, and still do, because I like the tune and the rhythm. … Read more

Am I OK alone

Am I OK Alone?

Mmmm. I want to answer yes. And in my mind I say yes, while in my heart I ask: What does it mean for me to be alone? Mmmm. That’s a bit tricky. I pause and I observe. I am uncertain. Mmmm. When I feel alone I am uncertain. I am uncertain about me, who … Read more

Living With Uncertainty - Cheryl Mrlene

Living with Uncertainty

Slogging through the forest is sometimes just more than can be tolerated. Trees and bushes obscuring the way, blocking the view not only of the path but the intended goal. Not seeing the goal pulls up questions which poke and prod uncomfortably. Am I on the right trail? Am I heading in the right direction? … Read more

Consider the difference between

Opportunity of the Unexpected

How often do you get angry with yourself because your life isn’t what you expected? How do you feel in that moment? Give yourself a break! When the unexpected shows up, it’s not about failure! The unexpected is always about opportunity. No need to get angry at yourself — step away, step out, step up! … Read more

Liminal Awareness

The Threshold of Liminal Awareness

Limen, from Latin: threshold Liminal. At the threshold. In the space between being and becoming. Moving past what is, not quite to what will be. In the Liminal, there is all and there is nothing. All possibility, no creation, not yet. In the Liminal, there are no rules, standards, or expectations. Absent are requirements, codes, … Read more

The Pain of Abandonment

Abandonment is the energetic response to feeling emotionally and/or physically left.? The paradox is that abandonment usually comes because honest energy flow never truly showed up in the relationship and the absence of honesty was never challenged.? The feeling of being abandoned is more a result of a string of actions rather than one primary … Read more

Hiking and Psalm 23

Hiking and Psalm 23

When I learned to read at 6 years old, my proud grandparents celebrated my newly acquired skill by giving me my very own red leather Bible. A Christmas gift offered with a reverence and a respect that I had already learned from both of them. They were so delighted with me and their offering brought me into a circle of knowledge and spiritual connection that they had both known their entire lives. I treasured this gift, willingly shared from the depths of their hearts.

Typified by the Sphere

The universe, eternity, the infinite are typified by the sphere … On a sphere every point is a center, and every point is the highest point, and this explains the puzzle of time and space.

Human Nature – Exploratory #2

Cross human nature with Mother Nature and the depth of experience is intensified. When I touch the earth, the deep soul of her reaches into my body filling my cells, illuminating my being. When I breathe the forest or feel the ocean’s mist, connection is established which reflects to me my entire experience of stepping … Read more