They Gather Me Up by Cheryl Marlene

They Gather Me Up

They gather me upThese treesThey gather me upTo mend my woundsAnd restore the depth of my soulTo the balance of me. They gather me upRoots and branchesTops and tipsBending to match the heightOf my heart in their presence. They gather meAs a prayer to the windAnd absolution to the soilAnd the moments of GraceWhich I … Read more

Courage Gathered, I Name by Cheryl Marlelne

Courage Gathered, I Name

I name you. I call you out. Once a feral focal point of my life. The best of me: Dominated. Hidden. Denied. In doubt. I ignored the truth of my pain. For too long, this unnamed has squatted in my heart and the cells of my violated places. Forced upon me by those hims limited … Read more

A Cold Fog by Cheryl Marlene.

A Cold Fog

When my desire to feel a man’s finger trace my spine, to feel his lips on mine, to bring him pleasure in return – when this desire goes unfulfilled, the act of self-pleasure hangs like a cold fog on my heart. I know that I could find release in a shadowed place with whatever randy … Read more

Delight in Your Presence by Cheryl Marlene

Delight in Your Presence

I thought I knew exactly what would happen, And I was entirely wrong, Because you are you, And I didn’t know you, Until I did, And then it was too late, And would have been untruthful, For anything else to be, Including what I thought, Which turned out to be wrong, Because in, the end, The truth is I receive delight in your presence.

Somewhere by Cheryl Marlene


Somewhere out in the world you are there I feel your movement I feel your smile Directed toward the people in your life Your friends, your family, your clients. One day your there will be my here I feel your pull I feel your desire Directed towards the me you do not yet know But … Read more

A Whiskey Conversation by Cheryl Marlene

A Whiskey Conversation

I think he must have seen me across the room. I’m not sure because I was surprised when he slid into the chair across and said Hi. He made effort at conversation. He laughed, he asked, he tried to enter our circle. I felt caught and wanted to keep going. Drawn into his field Drawn … Read more

The Moon in Her Fullness by Cheryl Marlene

The Moon in Her Fullness

Venus rising And the Moon in her fullness I rise to the receiving Ready to bring all of me To the stillness of me. Now is the time To salute the giving To herald the adventure of a new ME. The Moon in her fullness ME loving me. And I care not the solitude I … Read more

Waves of Love as One

Waves of Love as One

Waves of love flowing to me From the one source, one love. I believe I stand with this One In this moment, in this place, Fully capable, entirely ready To be the best I can be. Light, Sound, Feeling, Thought Guiding me ever higher Along my path of promise With the one source, with this … Read more

Walk the Line by Cheryl Marlene

Walk the Line

Life, some say, is about growth. The much-heralded power of Deep self-understanding and genuine reflection. This growth we think we know. Because we think it comes in wide sweeping changes Meant to clear our decks. Desperate we are to believe In giant steps and giddy decisions. Big changes that deflect and overshadow Real reasons and … Read more

I Love Myself by Cheryl Marlene

I Love Myself!

I love myself! From the depth of my soul to the bottom of my heart. From the origins of my cells to the expression of my being. From the bottom of my toes to the top of my head. Finger tips to finger tips, I love myself! Now and forever, Amen!

Perfectly Balance Equation

A Perfectly Balanced Equation

A perfectly balanced equation We two Parameters shifting Balance altering within and between. Activating change, Always seeking balance. Both plus and minus, multiplied, sometimes divided. Always striving toward balance. A rhythm, a tune. A perfectly balanced equation.

Full Moon Blessing

Full Moon Blessing

Be here in this moment of Joy. Be here in this moment of Peace. Let your heart find its way, Let your knowing guide you. Be not the tormented lost, In the guilt of yesterday, In the fear of tomorrow, Unconscious of truth here today. Let the moon with her knowledge of the night Shine … Read more

Circle of Infinite Possibility

I stand always within the Circle of Infinite Possibility. My story always in motion in this moment now. I call upon the four winds to blow gently into this my life the sense of balance and trust necessary to living life fully and empowered. I call upon the four directions to provide guideposts to my … Read more

I Yield

To live in the present is to be in constant awareness of what IS in this moment. I yield. I yield all. From this day forward Just me. From this day forward Only me. I release hope. I release expectation. Me, just me. Here now with me. Whatever space I may feel, it is not … Read more

Eagle’s Nest

Prism light casts fairy light Across the wall In the dance I feel soul touch soul And I am ready to meet tomorrow?s dawn Today’s light has revealed treasure Which now gathers in my heart. Surf beat and wind caress Fill me with awareness and Love for a powerful new self. Sunbeam lights my third … Read more

Creation of One, Creation of Two

Creation of One and Creation of Two Meet me here in this nest. In between stands my fear That I cannot have either. Let go sighs the templed trees. Let go encourages the surf below. Just be my heart claims. Night above washes away my guard. Without a word to any one I feel my … Read more

Life Can Be So Chaotic

Life can be so chaotic, pulling in multiple directions at once, pushing to find many places to stand and experience. Between the push and the pull is the point to bring awareness. Instead of blindly reacting to push or to pull, find the place of balance in your heart. In this moment is the opportunity … Read more

Open Door

Wrote this in the Summer of 2015 I know the taste of your lips.I know the touch of your fingers.I know but don’t quite know howBecause in this life we have never touched. I can feel the strength of your armsAnd the willingness of your heart to touch mine.I can hear the whisper of your … Read more

God to My Goddess

I want the King to my Queen, the Horned God for my Goddess. The man who I can trust to yield my neck.The man who will accept the whiteness of my belly.The man who will protect me with fierce loveAnd defend me with loyal action. He comes fully alive in my presenceAnd embraces me with … Read more