Your Bags Came Packed

Your bag came packed to my door.

You offered several choices

And by the time you walked through

The contents was opened and relinquished

Unneeded on the floor.

Sugar Kisses

Sugar Kisses I want my sugar in sweet kisses and lollipop tongues across my skin. I want my frosting in layers between you and me, With cake as the bed for our passion. I want more sweet whispered in my ears and heavenly manna sprinkled in my mouth. Let the pie in my face be … Read more

My Kin of Home

Aspen and alder are yet my kin. As so are rose, nemesia and sage. With me always as I journey With me always in my home. Matters not where I am bound Matters less which road I?ve taken Because wherever I go I am connected to hearth and home And held within nature?s abundant beauty. … Read more

There is This Raw Place

There is this raw place within, In need of cauterizing to staunch the flow. A flow of pain, of words which fall flat in the emptiness created by the betrayal of trust’s fidelity. A betrayal which eagerly pushes at a claim of responsibility misplaced: What within brought this on? Simply the luck of the draw? … Read more