Heart Scribing While Feeling Like a Failure by Cheryl Marlene

Heart Scribing While Feeling Like a Failure

Heart Scribing:  a deep look into your heart to create the space needed to deal with personal pain, fear, or sorrow.  A spiritual writing practice of your heart. In my life there been times when I have been very depressed and overwhelmed. I felt alone and unable to do anything but question myself especially the deeper parts of myself. … Read more

Spiritual Practice

A definition of Spiritual Practice: Any conscious action or experience  emerging from your center, motivated by the intention of understanding the whole of your being, physical and spiritual, body, mind, heart, spirit and soul. The primary foundation of Spiritual Practice is Intention. Without intention, any spiritual practice can become hollow and its outcomes illusory. Without … Read more

What is a Witness within the Akashic Records?

Within the Akashic Records, it is hugely important to understand that the Reader does not bring his or her opinion to the Reading for Other.  In fact, this is not to be tolerated within any energy work.  The flow of the interaction is to hold sacred space for the Other so that whatever truth needs … Read more

What is Mastery as Spiritual Practice by Cheryl Marlene

What is Mastery as Spiritual Practice?

Mastery is an inner spiritual process which begins inside of self. When the spiritual journey begins truth is sought outside of self from teachers and voices of authority. This is not necessarily a bad choice. Listening to the experience of others is very helpful in learning to hear the truth of self. The challenge comes … Read more

Everything I Need by Cheryl Marlene

Everything I Need

For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, when you reach out to grab, the generated motion is actually a push away instead of a pull toward. As self opens to the infinite possibility of All That Is, the realization comes that you are within the river of life and … Read more

Believe in Yourself by Cheryl Marlene

Believe in Yourself!

Just like the little engine who could, it takes belief to propel yourself past bumps and obstacles. Self-belief doesn’t guarantee that you will make it over the mountain. But without self-belief, you don’t have the energy to leave the station. Life is full of possibility, full of opportunity. Self-belief offers a path to this potential. … Read more

Naught But Me by Cheryl Marlene

Naught but Me

I stand at the threshold in the midst of the boundlessness. Depending on my frame of reference, I see the cosmic nebula of creative impulse. In tighter focus: a grain of sand and the smile of my beloved. In the luminous of this liminal awareness, I sense both motion and stillness, pause and thought, love … Read more

Losing Self

Losing Self: Challenges on My Spiritual Journey

In my church, growing up, we often sang a lovely song with these lyrics: When I’m on my journeyThere is no one there but me. At the time, I was a little puzzled because I didn’t feel alone, yet I sang the song often, and still do, because I like the tune and the rhythm. … Read more



In this time of uncertainty, it is important to resist responding in fear. The level of uncertainty within the US and around the globe has not been at this level for a very long time — maybe even within 1000 years! In the face of uncertainty, it is easy to misinterpret uncertainty as dark, void, … Read more

What Do You Fear?

What do you fear? What makes you worry? How are you stuck in the past? How are you stuck in the future? Blame is of the past. Fear of tomorrow anchors you in a future that can never happen. What are you ready to let go? Or would you rather see only fear so that … Read more

She Pauses

Everything is Energy. Energy is always in motion. The flow of receiving in. The flow of giving out. The eternal flow in and out. And within the in and the out, there is a pause, a moment of stillness which is neither in nor out. Yet filled with the infinite and the eternal. In this … Read more

Ask to Receive

Often when we think of asking for divine assistance, we focus on what we want to ask FOR.? In doing so, we can close down our ability to open, allow and receive. To get beyond FOR, the challenge is to turn attention to the larger context of ASK. When seeking divine assistance, Ask to receive.? … Read more

Change of Dress

Let go came the guidance. Though standing in the middle of yoga, the words felt more like admonishment. Plus, how? I am in the middle of a posture, trying desperately to hold the form, straining muscle, holding in my tummy. What exactly do I let go while remaining in this form?

Calming the Energy of Disbelief

This is the energy of disbelief: you standing on the edge of concern, worry or fear. Disbelief wants to convince you that your worry, fear, concern will come true eventually. Disbelief reaches in and hooks your heart, pushing you to let go of self, of center, of balance. Disbelief wants you to dash your own hopes, your own dreams so that it can guide your life away from your heart.

Receiving at Center

First, think of yourself as a balance between who you are physically and who you are spiritually. Your balance exists within a dynamic continuum called Universal Life Force (ULF).? ULF is the motion in the universe that animates and flows within the wholeness of you. You balanced between physical and spiritual with ULF creates a … Read more

The Infinity of Sound

Sound is the creative expression of energy as it moves from potential to form. Sound actuates within us our creative motion seeking balance with All That Is.

The Purpose of Soul Calling

Earth is going through a fundamental energetic shift which is changing the agreements of what it means to be human.? The major motion is a shift in perspective from a physically-dominated point of view to an integrated spiritual-physical point of view.? This shifts the experience of being human and opens doors to a new way … Read more

Life at Center by Cheryl Marlene

Life At Center

There is in this world a push to pull you off center. Within you is an intense desire to stay connected, stay centered. Entropy is the motion which pulls apart, a motion towards disorder. Love is the motion which centers experience, providing connection, a tether, an ability to stand regardless of disorder. Life is easily … Read more