Push of Wall Hitting by Cheryl Marlene

The Push of Wall Hitting

I hit a big wall last week. I’ve been pushing on myself to do this and that – pushing nonstop for a while if I’m honest. In retrospect, the wall hitting didn’t come as a huge surprise. Tuesday night, when I stopped and considered, I let my awareness go to wherever the push originated. I … Read more

Assist versus Help by Cheryl Marlene

Don’t Help Instead Assist

Here’s a question for you: What’s the difference between assisting someone and helping someone? I’ve been thinking on this a bit and here’s what I’ve come up with. Help: I’m doing something for someone I think they need: Assist: I’m doing something for someone because I was asked by that someone. In other words, in … Read more

The Release of Relief by Cheryl Marlene

The Release of Relief

Two months ago, I had a three-hour conversation with my daughter which significantly changed both of our lives. Move. We decided to move. Not down the block. Or across town. Nope. Our choice was halfway across the country. From Oregon to Oklahoma. We agreed to work toward being in a new location by the end … Read more

Learning to Live In Connection-Out by Cheryl Marlene

Learning to Live in Connection

Here’s a confession: Sometimes I feel lonely. Over the years, I’ve thought about why. I have even asked my Akashic Records why on several occasions. Here’s what I’ve come to: I’m a serious, self-responsible person deeply interested in EVERYTHING – especially the philosophical, the intellectual, and the spiritual. (I’m also a totally light-hearted person who … Read more

Learning to Live In Trust by Cheryl Marlene

Learning to Live in Trust

When I first began my journey into the deeper parts of myself, I wasn’t very sure of myself. I found trusting myself was challenging. I questioned myself and the world around me. I thought perhaps learning some special skill or technique might help. And you might think I began with the Akashic Records for this … Read more

Learning to Live Inside-Out by Cheryl Marlene

Learning to Live Inside-Out

I’ve been working with the Akashic Records for over 20 years and in that time, I’ve learned so much about myself. One of the biggest changes in my life has been what I call the shift to inside-out. In the beginning of my journey, as I began to explore the spiritual side of my life, … Read more

Resistance as Direction by Cheryl Marlene

Resistance as Direction

The motion of shift can have a freezing effect on awareness. However, the wisdom of body and soul, while perhaps quieted, is not ever completely silenced. The opportunity is to utilize resistance as a source or conduit to this wisdom rather than being blocked by its appearance. Resistance shows not to deter but to point … Read more

The Unasked Question by Cheryl Marlene

The Unasked Question

However, there is one question which cannot be answered within the Akashic Records. The unasked question. If the Receiver doesn’t ask the question, then there is no way to respond and remain in integrity with the process of the Akashic Record Reading. Just as you must wait to be asked to provide a Reading, it … Read more

Vulnerability Defined by Cheryl Marlene

Vulnerability Defined

With trust and confidence, vulnerability is the opportunity to learn and grow within the challenge of uncertainty. Gone is the demand for perfection, and the focus is on the process of engaging with life rather than a demand to predict with certainty the future. Vulnerability is the energy of the present moment open to the … Read more

The Futility of Proving Your Worth by Cheryl Marlene

The Futility of Proving Your Worth

Rapid change has always been a part of life. What’s new in the last two months is the ability to predict into the future has compressed from one year to one day. This compression has a long list of effects which trigger a chain reaction that threaten your sense of connection and security. The best … Read more

Vulnerability with Grace and Ease by Cheryl Marlene

Vulnerability with Grace and Ease

Without vulnerability, I am hollow, lifeless, and reactionary. Life is nothing but fear. Within vulnerability, the hollow pit of fear in my stomach may still rear its ugly head. But I don’t react. I lean into what I don’t know, and I learn. I laugh. I love myself and all the amazing people of this … Read more

Always the Unexpected by Cheryl Marlene

Always the Unexpected

The unexpected will always show up no matter the depth of your learning or the distance of your journey. Instead, embrace the unexpected and allow the embrace to help you expand your understanding and enlarge your experience. The embrace moves you passed resistance, through the threshold available within the unexpected. This is an excerpt from … Read more

Pause Within the Unity by Cheryl Marlene

Pause Within the Unity

The unity of experience contains the ebb and flow as well as the experience of the pause in between. Between each moment is a threshold which ignites becoming into being. Coherence is the word used to identify this unified motion which is connected across multiple awarenesses, at the present moment. This is an excerpt from … Read more

Question as Liminal Transition by Cheryl Marlene

Question as Liminal Transition

Each question asked, each issue raised, is a liminal experience where I feel myself transition from not-knowing to knowing within me. In other words, the threshold of the Akashic Records happens within my awareness as a boundary dissolves, and I feel within me an aspect once shadowed now lit from within. To ask a question … Read more

The Unity of Coherence by Cheryl Marlene

The Unity of Coherence

Within an Akashic Record Reading, coherence is the experience of the Reader, Receiver, and Reading becoming one within the energetic flow created by the intersection of the three. Emerging beyond thought, coherence is a balance across body, mind, heart, and soul as well as physical-spiritual integration supported on all levels. Moving from the limits of … Read more

Concentration to Absorption by Cheryl Marlene

Concentration to Absorption

Absorption is engrossed focus such that nothing other than this concentrated focus is in your awareness. Trust, truth, and the deepest layers of what is, are revealing the dynamic. Motion of being and becoming. This is an excerpt from Cheryl’s book, Open the Akashic Records for Other.

Tomorrow Has a Place for Us All by Cheryl Marlene

Tomorrow Has a Place for Us All

Saturday, I went foraging. Not in a forest or along the side of a mountain. The grocery store. The one I’ve gone to for over twenty years. There was a new system. One door for exit, one for entry. Orange colored bubbles to stand on, 6 feet apart. Entry only allowed as someone exits. Everyone … Read more

Focus to Concentration by Cheryl Marlene

Focus to Concentration

Concentration is focus on the specific single motion of the flow. The finer details and deeper layers are revealed as you move onto the deep road. This is an excerpt from Cheryl’s book, Open the Akashic Records for Other.

Connection is the Way Past Fear by Cheryl Marlene

Connection is the Way Past Fear

I am not independently wealthy and I am thinking neither are you. As the world dives into the dictum of social distancing, I find myself looking for ways to stay in contact and lean into connection. I already live by myself and work from home so for me components of seclusion are not new to … Read more

An Extraordinary World of Shift and Change by Cheryl Marlene

A World of Extraordinary Shift and Change

We live in a world of extraordinary shift and change. Literally, we are transmuting on all levels body, mind, heart, and soul. This change is the basis for the confusion we all feel and experience on a daily basis. Exiting stage left is old energy now departing. This departing energy has been based on the … Read more