Focus Through Attention by Cheryl Marlene

Focus Through Attention

Focus is the ability to have attention directed to a clear center of interest. You can have focus because you trust yourself. Focus helps you identify what is. This is an excerpt from Cheryl’s book, Open the Akashic Records for Other.

Soul’s Point of View by Cheryl Marlene

Soul’s Point of View

Of all the concepts I have learned from the Akashic Records, the static and dynamic views have had the greatest impact in shifting my view and understanding of how energy can be understood from the soul’s point of view and how this view affects understanding of the Akashic. Dynamic understanding can take you beyond the … Read more

They Gather Me Up by Cheryl Marlene

They Gather Me Up

They gather me upThese treesThey gather me upTo mend my woundsAnd restore the depth of my soulTo the balance of me. They gather me upRoots and branchesTops and tipsBending to match the heightOf my heart in their presence. They gather meAs a prayer to the windAnd absolution to the soilAnd the moments of GraceWhich I … Read more

Respect Begins with You by Cheryl Marlene

Respect Begins with You

There is only one way to be respectful. Respect begins with you. If you don’t respect yourself, neither will the person to whom you provide an Akashic Record Reading. If you don’t show yourself respect, it’s also likely you won’t extend honest respect to others. This is an excerpt from Cheryl’s book, Open the Akashic … Read more

Challenge of Integrity by Cheryl Marlene

Challenge of Integrity

In opening the Akashic Records for Other one of the primary challenges is integrity. Within the deep layers of the Akashic Records, integrity is undivided wholeness without corruption. Like truth, integrity is a bit of a moving target because where integrity is for you in this moment may not be where it was for you … Read more

Failing is Better than not Trying

This video comes from a recent Akashic Conversations master class. Cheryl was asked for a message from the Akashic Records for all participants. This is the powerful, timeless response. Essentially: failure is always better than not trying!

My Mom and the Significance of Leap Day by Cheryl Marlene

My Mom and the Significance of Leap Day

I am very happy with the fact that most people can’t tell my age correctly. Most are off by at least ten years and often fifteen. Especially when they might realize that my hair is not colored and I’ve had no surgical adjustments. I have put much effort into keeping myself healthy especially in the … Read more

Resistance as Course Correction by Cheryl Marlene

Resistance as Course Correction

Today I have been thinking about how resistance is course correction. When I run into resistance, I used to think I had done something wrong or missed the turn or something that if I had been paying attention I would have gotten “right.” But thinking of resistance as course correction means that the push back … Read more

I Am a Work in Progress by Cheryl Marlene

I Am a Work in Progress

Today I feel myself dealing with my sense of status quo, what’s “normal” or “average” and feeling like I don’t want to be bound by any of it. Nothing feels normal or average or in alignment with the status quo. For example, Event A happens in my life. Partly during, and mostly after, I have … Read more

Accessing the Universal Mysteries by Cheryl Marlene

Accessing the Universal Mysteries

Know that the universal mysteries are only accessible when you lay down what you expect to see and open to what you do not know in this moment. This way the Akashic Records have the space and opportunity to respond from the depths of the infinite and the eternal, bringing to you the highest expression … Read more

A Feeling to Translate by Cheryl Marlene

A Feeling to Translate

In an Akashic Record Reading done at the soul level, time can be tricky and is most often a feeling which you learn to translate. Energetically, the end of a cycle and the end of physical life can feel remarkably similar. So similar that telling the difference can be difficult. This is an excerpt from … Read more

Soul Experience and the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

Soul Experience and the Akashic Records

Energetically your soul is an experience of individual awareness, held within the flow of the infinite and the eternal. Dynamically, soul is not material manifestation. Rather, soul is experience or expression of a unique facet of All That Is. As a process, soul enjoys interaction and exchange much like a feedback loop experienced across the … Read more

Awareness and Response by Cheryl Marlene

Awareness and Response

Think of standing on the beach observing the ocean flow toward you. There is an ebb and flow, a continual motion of in and out. When you open the Akashic Records for Other, similarly an ebb and flow moves through you, bringing awareness and response. To the best of your abilities, you transmit the motion … Read more

Love, Connection, and the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

Love, Connection, and the Akashic Records

There are different kinds of love — yet love at its essential core is connection and awareness of the connection. Connection provides a conduit for energy to flow. Love is energetic exchange through heart to heart connection. Love creates a shared energy field which holds both in awareness of the possibilities and experience of the … Read more

Affirmation for the New You by Cheryl Marlene

Affirmation for the New You

The words express the new energy of your life’s path, helping you release negative self-belief and quiet your critical voice. An affirmation is a positive statement of the new You! When you want to make a change, drop a bad habit, or let go of negativity, say an affirmation. No special equipment or advanced study … Read more

Five Spiritual Concepts of the Akashic Record Reader by Cheryl Marlene

Five Spiritual Concepts of the Akashic Record Reader

Just as in your Akashic Records, the process of a Reading for Other is guided by the five concepts of the spiritual journey. Each time you open for Other, you do so as a beginner, present to the moment, with clear intention as a Reader, providing at the highest level of integrity for you here … Read more

Soul Experience and the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

Defining Purpose and the Akashic Records

Why are you here, now, living the life you are living? How can you evaluate the benefit or value of your life? Are you doing the “right thing” in your life? What is the “right thing”? The usual definition of one’s purpose is the reason you are here and what gives your life meaning and … Read more

Balance IS by Cheryl Marlene

Balance IS

Balance Is. This is one of the most powerful ideas from my Akashic Records. Balance is not something you have to push hard to make happen. Instead, stop. Take a step back. Assess. Where is balance in this moment? Something may need to be let go. Something else may require the realization that expectation is … Read more

Releasing My Critical Voice by Cheryl Marlene

Releasing My Critical Voice

As you become more aware of yourself, perhaps begin a spiritual journey, you will become aware of your critical voice. You’ll become aware of the negative self-talk and how this voice supports thoughts, feelings, and beliefs which are no longer helpful. The practice of affirmations is the most powerful choice to combat, release, and banish … Read more

Connecting with Soul Expression by Cheryl Marlene

Connecting with Soul Expression

Opening the Akashic Records for Other connects you with the divine flow of soul expression. In this place, extending full attention, you are a witness. This is an excerpt from Cheryl’s book, Open the Akashic Records for Other.