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Akashic Record Readings

You bring your questions and concerns.

I will look into the wisdom of the Akashic Records for you.

Together we make an honest assessment of what works for you, what’s ready to let go, and how to best manage change and choice in your life.

Akashic Records Mastery

When you’re ready, I will support your learning to open the Akashic Records first for yourself and then for Others.

Trust, truth, and worthiness are the essence of the foundation you will create for yourself in this powerful journey.

Akashic Conversations

An online master class where we explore together the possibilities of transformative life.

This gathering helps lighten your load, release fear and judgment, and choose your next step in life.

A group conversation because there’s truly no reason to go it alone.

During these challenging times, of “essential and non-essential work” one is confronted with what truly is essential. The work that Cheryl is providing during these times is, with out any doubt, essential. Times are challenging, our world is shifting rapidly, and nothing is as it appears on the surface. Cheryl, time and again succeeds in providing a piercing perspective, in a language of truth that arrives at the heart of your situation. I’ve been working with Cheryl now for 4 years and every experience offers invaluable wisdom for what I’m presently confronting.

Clare, Delaware

I must admit I’ve been chewing on it pretty hard on I all I learned in my Reading — consistently still stripping down all the protective layers I’ve been piling on myself all these years. Thank you for showing me how to release myself!

S. C., North Carolina

I give Cheryl my highest recommendation. I’d say that working with her is like having decades of therapy, rolled into a single session. Sometimes, it feels like a therapy session and exorcism all in one (in the best way, haha)! But seriously, I began as her client and quickly became her student. She’ll show you that there’s more to the universe than you imagined or dared to hope. She’ll teach you how to access it on your own, while providing you with the hands-on guidance needed to navigate the Akashic Records confidently (which I’ve found invaluable and truly believe is essential to learning this craft). And she’ll continue to be there, guiding you and helping you move through those experiences as a mentor, guide and friend. Most of all, she’ll do everything with an integrity, humor and grace that makes every interaction a delight. Get a reading, take a class, buy a book – your life will be so much richer for it.

EH, Boston, MA

I have learned to trust and to trust explicitly. The knowledge that has sprung forth and shared with me has had the benefit of initiating profound changes in my structure, core, and the essence of who I am. I have learned and trusted in the truth that has come from the Records. My willingness to let go of old barriers in my thinking, looking at the true picture of what has happened and derailed in my life has been a boon. Not only am I happier and healthier, mentally and spiritually, but I have allowed myself to open the gates of new possibility in my life, with less fear and trepidation. This is because I was in awe at the richness of the material and knowledge that came from Cheryl. I wish to embrace the honor of being able to explore and describe with the same richness and quality. This will come with practice and belief in myself.

Kathryn B., Gig Harbor, WA

Cheryl Marlene has a special gift of leading one to their gateway.  Entering the gateway to your true self is up to each individual.  However, seeing it requires the support and patience of teacher.  It is crucial in one’s awakening that they have a teacher/mentor whose core foundation is built on absolute integrity and authenticity for themselves and their students allowing each individual to grow on their own while mentoring from the heart.  This is what Cheryl’s courses has done for me.  It allowed me to stand on my own truth.  Yet at the same time, be part of an intimate community of students that feels truthful and safe due to the core foundations of its teacher.  Thank you, Cheryl.

Virginia C., Lafayette, CA

About Cheryl Marlene

Cheryl Marlene, the world’s authority on the Akashic Records, is all about soul perspective, heart connection, and deep knowing.Cheryl Marlene

She has spent over twenty years working as a guide, master teacher, and explorer within and beyond the Akashic Records.

She conducts Akashic Records Readings and teaches students to access the Akashic Records through her signature Akashic Records Master Course.

Her work takes her to the cutting edge: bringing the future to you today, to help prepare you for what you will need tomorrow.

A mystic who is unafraid of the tough, the raw, and the real aspects of doing deep work, she’s known in the field of consciousness as a futurist, innovator, and master teacher who delivers life-changing lessons with warmth and humor.

Cheryl’s clients and students know her as a relatable, funny, everyday person who loves red dresses, urban fantasy books, and skinny margaritas.

When she is not illuminating souls one heart at a time, she is on the hiking trail listening to the beauty of nature and the heartbeat of the mountain.

Cheryl is an award-winning, published author and her writing is available on this website (newsletter, blog, books) and also on — a deep dive into sacred sexuality.

Her claim for herself is poetic soul, sharp mind, beautiful body, open heart.

Laugh. Learn. Love. Be. Become. Always.

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From Cheryl

I am a traveler and a pioneer both by nature and experience. I was born in Kansas City, Missouri and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My father is a very well-known and accomplished ophthalmologist, pioneering vision in the fields of lens implant and corneal lens transplant surgeries. My mother pioneered various social programs which aided pre-school children and their mothers. home-bound seniors, and the elderly unable to care for themselves. Through their support, I have traveled around the world including North America, much of Europe, parts of Africa, as well as China and Japan. On our first trip out of the USA, I was nine years old and can still vividly remember this journey to Africa and Europe. My longest journeys were two one-year stays in Japan, one year in Tokyo and one year in Hiroshima.

I came to the Akashic Records indirectly. At the time, in my 30s, I was involved in a new journey, a journey to understand me. Like all of us, I had encountered, over my life, events that were difficult and traumatizing. I was trying to understand who I was and who I might become. I was trying to let go of what I no longer needed, trying to move toward a sense of peace and freedom.

I found that traditional religious and allopathic medical approaches did not bring relief nor provide support to whatever seemed to be unfolding within me as I traveled this inner road.

Instead I found relief in what we call alternative but what felt to me to be normal. I believe that part of the reason I was able to claim this path was because of my early travels where normal did not look like where I grew up. I had become accustomed to feeling connection within the unknown. Japan, China, Africa, Europe may not look like Tulsa, Oklahoma, but the people I met felt like friends that I would know anywhere. My spiritual journey became the same, guided by the feelings of connection within both the known and the unknown.

I attended my first Akashic Records workshop over 20 years ago not thinking about what it would be for me but to support my friend as she conducted her first workshop. Surprisingly, I found that not only could I enter the Records but that I was adept. I also found that with consistent practice, I was able to improve my connection with the Akashic Records and through this connection I found profound support for my inner journey.

One could say that’s that and here I am. But the reality is that I have encountered much struggle releasing the effects of trauma. I have also struggled to understand myself as Akashic Record Reader and Spiritual Guide. I struggled because it was difficult at first to see what would be most helpful for me to see.

Like most of my clients, I too have had to learn to let go of judgment and expectation in order to move forward. I have had to challenge myself to let go of yesterday’s truth in order to be free to embrace today’s truth. I have learned to follow my heart, and listen to and develop trust for my heart’s voice. I feel more clarity in my life and have slowly let go of the struggle to force change. I feel able to allow the flow of me, standing witness to my being and becoming.

Fifteen years ago, my guides in the Akashic Records began to insist that I teach about the Akashic Records. I resisted because I had never considered this possibility. I decided if I was going to teach, I needed new information about the nature of the Akashic Records. I felt that what I had been taught was too limited and narrow for the depth and richness that had been my experience in the Akashic Records. Beginning very simply, the Akashic Records began to unfold their story and to explain in detail about the nature of the energy which supports and sustains the Akashic Records within the infinite and eternal nature of the universe. I began sharing this information and found that its clarity and its simplicity touched the hearts of my students and allowed them to enrich their own inner journeys.

Much of what I have learned and explored over the years is available in the Akashic Records Master Course — a five volume book series with workshops on the Akashic Records.

As I look back, I understand that my journey in the Akashic Records matches well with the rest of my life, especially as pioneering traveler. In the Akashic Records I have found a deep connection with the broad view that has always been my window on life. My impulse towards innovation and pioneering new points of view is powerfully supported within my experiences with the infinite and eternal reach of the Akashic Records. In the Akashic Records, I journey in the unknown, connected to All That Is.

When understood as spiritual practice, the Akashic Records move from thing to access to process for understanding the deepest parts of yourself. The Akashic Records become part of your being and support your journey in becoming more truthful and trusting of yourself and your world. I say that I help people bridge gaps between daily life and spiritual self because that has been my experience and truth in my journey.

Over the years I have intensively studied in the Akashic Records and developed expertise in several areas including the release of trauma, contact and study with Mother Earth, and working in the Akashic Records to access what we think of as inanimate objects such as computer networks, businesses, houses, and other physical locations. I have also studied Shamanic journeying and have become a Reiki master. I have learned about plant spirit medicine and the therapeutic uses of minerals and herbs. I have studied Tai Chi and Bikram Yoga.Cheryl Marlene

Nowadays, I live in Portland, Oregon.  I love to hike and I also love taking road trips especially down dirt roads and through unknown lands. I love putting my feet in the ocean and standing on top of buttes in the Columbia Gorge.  And recently I became a garden guide at the amazing Portland Japanese Garden.  I am always in search of the next best fantasy novel series, the perfect pillow, and the ultimate Margarita. Life is amazing! I am deeply grateful to be so blessed.

I am an award-winning, published author. You can find my writing on this website (newsletter, blog, books) and also on — a deep dive into sacred sexuality.

I look forward to connecting with you! May your life be full of joy and adventure!

Laugh. Learn. Love. Be. Become. Always.

In Joy!


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