Claim Your Connection: A Message From Mother Earth

Opening the Akashic Records of Mother Earth & Planet Earth, I asked for a message and this was her reply.? Here “I” is Mother Earth.

Today I want to speak of connection. I feel all of humanity searching for connection. Wherever you may be in your journey, all humans seek to uncover and learn who they are and why they are here. I, too, have this search, this need for understanding. Like you, I take form and lose form in a constant dance with matter and spirit that improves both my ability to understand our universe and my ability to be at ease with my inability to comprehend the entirety of our Eternal Source – that which you call God or Great Spirit. One of my most important comprehensions is that it is impossible to lose or severe connection with Eternal Source. Nothing destroys this connection – not pollution, not jealousy, not imperialism, not murder, not hate. Our connection with the universe transcends any attempts, intentional or unintentional, to pull away, to deny or to ruin. When you feel disconnected, unable or unwilling to connect, what you are experiencing is simply a lack of awareness. You can not destroy connection, you are only more or less aware of connection. As Mother Earth, my major soul intention is to serve as a conduit of connection for all forms born within my field of energy. It is not difficult to begin to feel your connection by experiencing the flow of divine spark within the baby bird, the first flower bloom in Spring, the sunrise seen from a mountain top, or the first breath of a new born baby. The challenge is to see the face of connection within a random act of violence, polluted rivers, or intentional mass destruction. Yet in either case, connection is present and withstands all destructive impulses. What you call “good” is not the only container for the sacred and divine. To be aware that connection exists EVERYWHERE, you are not asked to do that which you do not like. You are asked to begin to allow for the possibility that universal connection is not a black/white issue but one of many shades, textures, and blends of color, sound, touch, smell, and taste. You learn that connection exists always, is unbreakable, and yet can never be understood entirely. Another comprehension for humanity is that you express your deepest potential – the power of who you are – through your connection with the universe. Like a pipeline or channel, the energy of the universe flows to you through your connection. Every breath inhaled and exhaled, connects you with the pure energy of universal joy. Every thought, every feeling, every action rides the ebb and flow of this in and out breath. Each breath contains the miracle of potential of each Now. Breathe in the abundance and possibility of All That Is. Exhale your unique and powerful contribution to Eternal Source, expanding the possibility of the universe. Breathe in wonder, awe, and joy. Breathe out the flow like a river carrying you to your next perfect moment. Breathe in support, exhale blocks and limits. The universe wants nothing less than your pure joyful success. Where is it within you? Where is your opportunity to experience your fullness? Now we come full circle to your connection, unbreakable and ultimately undeniable. Through this connection you bring to you the flow of universal power. All That Is waits for your call, your awareness, your receiving. What will you do, now that you know you can’t fail? Embrace you life! Through your connection, the universe stands ready to support you. What are you waiting for?

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