Commitment to Connection

So, hmmm …. this has been a helluva emotional day for me and in my awareness has been a focus on a commitment to connection.

This morning, sitting side by side, my daughter and I watched the first woman be sworn in as Vice-President of the United States.

We watched the wonder of Amy K, Lady Gaga, JLo, and then the amazing writing/performance of a young woman reading her words of truth and then going and hugging her mother.

We gave a huge shout out to the man whose job it was to clean the podium.

Garth singing Amazing Grace made me think of Barack singing the same and that it was the song at my Grandfather’s funeral service.

Jill, Michelle, Hillary, Sonia, Nancy, and the amazing young woman who signed the Pledge of Allegiance.

Then the incredible compassion of President Joe Biden as he did not back away, nor did he antagonize.

And the picture of a single soldier kneeling at the foot of his son’s grave during his inaugural speech.

And tomorrow I am to talk to a group of people from literally around the world about power.


Holy Shit.

And in a couple of weeks, to talk about Service and how this can be devastatingly misplaced when service is used to aggrandize and diminish.

For in my power within, I feel service better described as connection between equals.

Reaching out to see each person as an amazing human and recognizing that, like me, they too can feel fear.

The fear of the unknown can be so powerful that it becomes a divisive ghost which threatens the real, honest universally human connections which bind us all.

Fear pushes us to stereotype and de-humanize, to distance and deny, demoralizing and pushing hopelessness as the only possible defensive response.

Fear grabs our hearts and pushes our minds into tiny boxes where we feel separate and alone, ready to strike out.

Fear can be so strong and so overwhelming, it takes real, concentrated effort to rise above.

Today, we saw person after person rise up, affirming connection, affirming the goodness in the humanity in us all.

Willingness to see the real person instead of the label opens a path for connection.

Opens space for the division of Us vs. Them to become the power of saying no to fear through the awareness and presence of WE.

In this moment, I feel so deeply called to make a commitment to connection.

For the next 100 days, each day I will commit to creating and affirming connection.

I know that this doesn’t have to be the same action each day.

Nor does it need to be some grand gesture publicly announced.

But I am looking within my heart and soul for something I can say, “THAT is the connection I commit to today!”

Because there is no place for fear in my life.

Not yesterday. Not today. Not tomorrow.

Simply, it is up to me, to look fear in the face and say no.

It is up to me, to be responsible for my commitment to connection.

It is up to me to see each person as awesome.

It is up to me to commit to my better self and the fierceness and fearlessness of my power within.

A lot of my writing just comes in the moment. I feel an urge rise to put pen to paper. No outline. Not much forethought. Out the words come, all on their own. For me its always an act of mindfulness. A mindful moment.

Here are more articles and posts that came to me in mindful moments.

Headshot of Cheryl Marlene, Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records

A mystic, futurist, and trailblazer in spiritual consciousness and the Akashic Records, Cheryl is unafraid of the tough, the raw, and the real aspects of doing deep work.

Cheryl has expanded the collective understanding of the Akashic Records beyond the outdated myths of yesterday into a dynamic healing spiritual practice of divine and human consciousness. She consults in the Akashic Records with clients around the world through one-on-one sessions, extensive research, and future-driven, strategic business development.

Cheryl’s clients and students know her as a relatable, funny, everyday person who loves red dresses, urban fantasy books, and skinny margaritas. When she is not hard at work on her next book, she is on the hiking trail listening to the beauty of nature and the heartbeat of the mountain.

Through her journey, she has distilled her intention for life to these seven words: BELIEVE. Laugh. Learn. Love. Be. Become. Always.