Community Agreements

Cheryl’s intention as a teacher:

To support a community of learners at the leading edge of study
in the Akashic Records and beyond.

Guided by the Five Principles of Luminous Community:
Truth, Intention, Integrity, Vulnerability and Joy.

To Honor means to hold in high regard without demands for change or meeting unspoken requirements or expectations.  To offer respect and reverence.

Confidentiality recognizes who is responsible for the act of disclosure.  You are responsible for yours and only yours, and for no one else.

I offer all studies and events within the following agreements.  I ask you to read these agreements before participating.  Please know your participation signals your agreement and willingness to abide as set forth here.

In Joy!

Be Present:
The motion of this moment is in this moment.  Being present is both bringing awareness to this moment and having awareness of being out of this moment.

  • Be here, Now!
  • Come ready and willing to be open to whatever experience comes forward for you and Other.
  • Take note if something keeps you from full presence.

Honor Self:
A process of extending high regard to self and noticing when this is not possible or compromised in some way.

  • Be aware of what is needed to be fully present and to fully participate.
  • When feeling blocked or compromised in some way or unable to participate fully for any reason, notify Cheryl, asking for assistance.
  • Ask questions when uncertain.
  • Ensure you get the nourishment and rest required by the activities of your studies.
  • Submit registration information and complete financial arrangements in a timely manner without reminder as requested by or agreed upon with Cheryl to maintain registration.
  • Appear on time, with all assignments completed, have all requested materials, and be ready to begin at the designated start time.
  • Successful completion means satisfactory completion, as determined by Cheryl, of all activities and assignments in a timely manner.
  • Use only the method of accessing the Akashic Records which Cheryl teaches within any aspect of study or activities with Cheryl. Do not use any other healing or energy technique within study or activities with Cheryl unless you check with her and receive her permission first.
  • Notify Cheryl of any activities or behaviors which compromise or dishonor you within the context of your studies or violate these Agreements.

Honor Other:
Recognize truth for self is not necessarily truth for Other.  To honor other is to create and hold space for Other’s truth to move forward openly and freely.  Your actions do not impede expression or engagement of either the singular or collective actions or motion of Other.

  • Keep agreements with self and others, seeking to take care of any damage that might result from any broken agreements.
  • For those students within the Sage Path, keep all agreements made with the Akashic Records for opening the Akashic Records for both self and Other. Particularly:
    • Never offer to open the Akashic Records for someone.
    • Do not open the Akashic Records for Other unless asked directly to do so by Other.
    • Do not open the Akashic Records of anyone under the age of 18.
  • Do not offer any type of healing to another student especially within the context of study.

Honor Confidentiality:
Hold space for Other’s self-responsibility of disclosure.

  • Discussing with a third party one’s own experience and related feelings about anything within studies with Cheryl maintains confidentiality if the discussion is done in such a way that personal details of another are not revealed to the third party.
  • Maintain confidentiality by not discussing any details revealed by others with any third party except Cheryl during or after an event.

Cheryl’s Responsibilities for the Community:

As the teacher and person in charge, one of Cheryl’s responsibilities is the balance between the needs of the community, the needs of the individual, and the highest expression of all who study with her.  As teacher, she is in a unique situation, often knowing more than either the individual or the group.  To achieve this balance, Cheryl may do any of the following at her discretion and may initiate other responses as well, all with the intention of balance, truth and integrity for all concerned.

  • Provide an environment for study in which these Community Agreements and, as appropriate, the Akashic Records Agreements may be kept and students may flourish in their studies.
  • In workshops, especially within the Sage Path, hold the Workshop Circle sacred so that each participant can find deepest intent and highest expression, letting go of all which no longer serves
  • Receive all student and participant questions, requests for assistance, and concerns related to these Agreements, seeking to resolve all situations of conflict, non-participation, and broken agreements while maintaining a safe and supportive environment for all concerned.
  • Use the Mediation Protocol when needed.
  • Deviation from the announced schedule or activities may occur to accommodate the needs of all participants and these changes may not be announced ahead of time.
  • Disruptive behavior, non-participation, or violation of these Agreements by any student or person participating in Cheryl’s studies and activities may be grounds for immediate dismissal from any or all events, programs, or studies without any refund of payment solely at Cheryl’s discretion.
  • Online material, including that which is downloadable is strictly for personal use only. For any material that is downloadable, it is permissible to copy the material to personal devices or print the material for personal use only.
  • All material provided within any program of study or event may not be shared, sold, posted or otherwise distributed, either in print or electronically, for any reason without Cheryl’s written permission.
  • Cheryl records as public events which are open to the public and not limited to students only. These recordings are made available in a variety of ways including sales.
  • Cheryl also records private events which are limited to students and these recordings are made available to the students in the event and to students who participate in the same event later.
  • Whether a recording is private or public, effort is made to not include information that would specifically identify a person, though deleting the use of first names in recordings is not possible. All those participating in any of Cheryl’s events grant permission to Cheryl to utilize all voice recordings in all products distributed or sold by Cheryl without payment or notification.

Mediation Protocol

Sometimes students, tutors, or teachers find themselves in dissonance with another student, tutor or teacher in such a way that the individuals on their own are not able to resolve. At these times, Cheryl steps forward to help those concerned discover a path to understanding and resolution.

If a student, tutor or teacher feels mediation is needed, this person will contact Cheryl and ask for assistance. Cheryl has the responsibility to determine when the Mediation Protocol is appropriate and then initiate the process as described, naming participants to the Mediation Circle, and contacting all individuals involved. Cheryl appoints a community member to represent those involve in the mediation process.  The Mediation Circle will include those involved in the mediation, representatives, and Cheryl.

Before the Mediation Circle is opened, those entering mediation will ask these questions and keep responses private:

  1. What do I identify as the issue between me and ___?
  2. How did we get to this point?
  3. What is my responsibility?
  4. What is my intention towards ____ going forward?

Cheryl convenes the Mediation Circle and conducts the process of the circle using these questions.  Representative open the Akashic Records of whoever they represent.  For each question, representatives offer what is received through the Akashic Records, then those in mediation offer their perspectives.  Cheryl will also offer whatever she receives and a summary of all perspectives for each question.

  1. What is identified as the issue between the parties?
  2. What is at the core of the conflict, especially anything hidden, unvoiced or ignored?
  3. Where is the pain, anger or fear for each?
  4. What learning, gifts, understanding step forward because of this situation?
  5. What release work is possible for the parties involved to resolve the conflict? Cheryl directs the release work if agreed upon by those involved.
  6. How to move forward?

Cheryl summarizes all perspectives to move toward resolution and reconciliation between all parties.