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Computer Readings by Cheryl Marlene

Computer & Network Readings by Cheryl Marlene

Because Cheryl works with the Akashic Records as a flow of energy, she can work with the energy flows almost anywhere including within computers, networks or other electronics.

Energy flow is what makes a computer or network tick!? And it is possible for the energy flow to be interfered with or stopped.

Within the Akashic Records, Cheryl has the unusual ability to identify and clear interferences and stoppages, restoring balance and integrity to the computer, network, or electronic device.

Who can benefit from a Computer/Network Reading:

A network engineer with an undiagnosable network error or other interruption of service

A business owner with a quirky or malfunctioning computer, network or other electronics.

Anyone with electronics which have random issues or frequent breaks ? especially those where the cause is not fixable by regular means.

Not all interferences are energy related, but often Akashic Record Reading can determine if it is a hardware issue (which usually can?t be fixed in a Reading) or if it is an energy issue which can be addressed.

Together, a plan can be created to resolve the issue.

How This Works

A computer/Network Reading is based entirely on your questions or issues.

Prior to the Reading, Cheryl will ask you to identify what you want to work on and may request documentation which will be helpful in the Reading.

At the beginning of your time, you will discuss your intention with Cheryl and she will offer a strategy including what aspects of the Records will be opened and consulted.

Reading Examples

A network engineer asked about the randomly failing traffic between two nodes of a network.? The Akashic Records showed watermelons being thrown from one point to another.? Because the melons were too heavy for the system, randomly some melons fell short and exploded.? From this, Cheryl could see that not all packets of information were making it across and showed why standard diagnostics could not resolve the issue.? With this information, the engineer could address all issues and restore network fidelity.

In another example, a network was randomly failing in an untraceable way.? The Akashic Records showed that the problem was someone intentionally sabatoging the network at the BIOS level (neither hardware or software).? With a network schematic, Cheryl was able to identify the most likely location of the intrusion and the client was able to put a plan in place to identify the culprit.

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