Confidence from Truth, Trust, and Belief by Cheryl Marlene

Confidence from Truth, Trust, and Belief

Love Worth Lesson #2 Affirmation

To feel love-worthy, you need confidence.

Confidence has three legs: trust, truth, and belief.

All three come from your heart.

All three reinforce your ability to feel confident.

Confidence supports worthiness and self-love.

Focus on expanding confidence with this affirmation:

To expand confidence in myself,

I embrace trust, truth, and belief in myself always.

As spiritual practice, affirmations are an amazing method to release old habits and outdated beliefs. Once a week Cheryl offers a new affirmation to assist you in the subtle yet very helpful shifts in your life. You may take in all current Affirmations here.  Plus, Cheryl also offers a great –and free! — e-book on creating and using Affirmations for Soul Healing.