Connection is the Way Past Fear

I am not independently wealthy and I am thinking neither are you.

As the world dives into the dictum of social distancing, I find myself looking for ways to stay in contact and lean into connection.

I already live by myself and work from home so for me components of seclusion are not new to me.

My income is tied to the ebb and flow around me in a way that I have long relinquished control.

Every dollar is a matter of faith and trust.

In myself. In you. In the world.

It’s not easy and being at peace with this flux pushes at all my tender bits about safety.

I don’t, in this moment, have a bit of profound wisdom to share that will ease your uncertainty.

Except to suggest to look for ways that you can be connected to those you care for and for those you love.

Technology with all of its distancing might in this moment be a path for connection.

Send a text to your connections.

Fill it with silly emojis and funny gifs.

Look at the pictures you took at last year’s family reunion.

Feel your loved ones in your heart.

Call them on the phone and say, “I LOVE you!”

One moment, one chance.

Don’t let this moment go by without taking the chance to let your connections know that they matter to you.

I know for me, leaning into connection helps me ease my fear and find a sense of safety within the chaos.

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