Need some assistance to feel confident in opening your Akashic Records?

Do you know? In learning to open your Akashic Records, sometimes you just need someone to hear you!

Connection Workshop is free, direct, one-on-one assistance from me to boost your ability and trust in connecting with the Akashic Records.

Connection Workshop with Cheryl Marlene

Maybe you are a student or maybe you’ve been working with one of my books about opening the Akashic Records?

Either way, you find you aren’t trusting yourself in connecting to your Akashic Records.

Or, perhaps, it’s just not working or you feel nothing is coming through.

There’s hesitation or something in your way.

Or maybe you’d just like to check in with me to make sure!

Then, Connection Workshop is for you!

Every month, within a group-format workshop, I help everyone who participates figure out what’s up and how to get rid of hesitation, worry, and concern.

I’ll help you find your connection, your trust, and your best step forward within your Akashic Records journey.

While Connection Workshop is geared to beginner’s, I can help anyone wherever you are in your journey.

And while this workshop is primarily for those using my method of Akashic Records access, I might be able to assist those using other methods.

Connection Workshop is free of charge and open to anyone ready to ask me for assistance.

Connection Workshop Dates

Second Wednesday, alternating between 10am Central & 7pm Central

Upcoming Events

Register Here!

You are welcome to attend as many workshop sessions as you like!

There is no charge.

Know that most likely I will open your Akashic Records to assist you.

After you register, you will receive a confirmation email for the day and time you chose.

You will also receive a 24-hour reminder email. After the workshop, I will share the Workshop recording with you.