Connection Workshop

One-on-one assistance within a group to boost your ability and trust in connecting with the Akashic Records.

For student at all levels of study

Maybe you are a student or maybe you’ve been working with one of my books about opening the Akashic Records?

Feeling the need of assistance to fine tune your process? Get a question to help you move forward?

Connection Workshop is time for one-on-one assistance within a group to boost your ability and trust in connecting with the Akashic Records.

In this workshop I will help you wherever you are in learning to connect with the Akashic Records.

In Connection Workshop, here’s what can happen:

Master your technique and understanding of opening the Akashic Records both for yourself and for Other.

Fine tune connection, get questions answered, and master process.

Receive direct, personal assistance and support from me.

Have fun with an international community of students all eager to go deeper and find something more.

What’s the main challenge in connecting with the Akashic Records?

Generally it usually boils down to doubt and trust.

Perhaps you find you aren’t trusting yourself in connecting to your Akashic Records.

Or, perhaps, it’s just not working or you feel nothing is coming through.

There’s hesitation or something in your way.

Doubt is poking up its snarky challenge.

Or maybe you’d just like to check in with me to make sure!

Then, Connection Workshop is for you!

Every month, within a group-format workshop, I help everyone who participates figure out what’s up and how to get rid of hesitation, worry, and concern.

I’ll help you find your connection, your trust, and your best step forward within your Akashic Records journey.

While Connection Workshop is geared to beginner’s, I can help anyone wherever you are in your journey.

And while this workshop is primarily for those using my method of Akashic Records access, I might be able to assist those using other methods.

What happens in Connection Workshop?

I offer this workshop so you can get your questions answered and ask for support!

Don’t hold back — ask your questions, voice your concerns, request help directly from me.

Making the effort to bring up what’s on your mind will help you in the long run develop the deepest of connections with the Akashic Records and with yourself.

PLUS: This is a live event each month!! (not a recording or old video) I am always present and always looking forward to connecting and hearing about your journey!

Every workshop goes a bit differently because everyone is in a different place and needs something different than the last class.

You are learning about releasing limitations and discovering personal solutions.

You are also benefitting from participating in a group and connecting with other students from around the world.

If you got connection issues, I help figure out cause and release whatever is in your way.

As a group we find support and common ground.

We laugh and discuss.  We learn and we release.

I work with everyone wherever they are.

Together we expand, moving into the next step of learning, loving, and laughing.


Connection Workshops are for all Akashic Records Intensive students at no additional charge.

I use Name-Your-Price pricing to support accessibility for everyone no matter where you are located in the world.









Know most likely I will open your Akashic Records to assist you.

After you register, you will receive a confirmation email for the day and time you chose. You will also receive a 24-hour reminder email. After the workshop, I will share the Workshop recording with you.

To register: choose the date you’d like to attend and enter your information.

Course & Intensive FAQs

First know that all Intensives have rolling admissions and being when you are ready to begin. I work out a plan of study for you and work you into the schedule according to your availability and desired study pace.

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A registered student is also someone enrolled in any of the Personal Power Workshops

Additionally, there are those who are learning with me through my books, especially Akashic Records Masterclass. I consider these folks as students as well -- though they might not be registered formally in a course.

All Personal Power Workshops are open for registration to everyone and do not require the ability to connect with the Akashic Records.

The introductory Akashic Records courses and all Akashic Records Monthly Group Workshops are included in the Akashic Records Intensive AND can also be purchase one by one.

Any course listed in the Self-Paced Course Library is available to anyone -- though the Akashic Records courses assume you have studied Cheryl's approach to connecting with the Akashic Records.

Advanced Akashic Records courses are open to non-Intensive students who have successfully passed the Challenge Exams.

Support is available during all live, in-person workshops and masterclasses. Just ask!

For Intensive students, there is a no-charge 15-minute checkin which can be schedule to speak privately with Cheryl.

Akashic Record Readings are available at an additional charge. For ongoing support and direct learning, registering for the One-on-One Mentorship is highly recommended.

Every live, in-person class, course, and workshop provides downloadable audio recordings with automated, written transcripts of all live, in-person classes. Videos come with captioning. Plus, captioning is available on Zoom. If you have needs not met here, please reach out to

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All live, in-person workshops and masterclasses are held via Zoom. When you register for a course, you receive the connection link in the confirmation and 24-hour reminder emails.

You will need a reliable internet connection, preferably video-enabled, a relatively quiet space, and an openness to engage in online spaces.

Registered students have access to the online course or the Student Archive where all workshop and masterclass recordings are stored for future student use.

Akashic Records: Students must be 18 years or older, be willing to engage in online spaces, work independently and under self-initiative, and ask question when troubles or concerns arise.

Students are also required to only use Cheryl's Akashic Records approach and process during classes, abide by the Agreements made with the Akashic Records, maintain confidentiality within the workshop space, and be respectful of all participants.

We are happy to help! Please reach out to support using our contact form. Response is usually within one to two business days.