Consciousness in Time and Space

In this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question:

Within space and time, is consciousness the empty space that lets everything be?

Consciousness in time and space is a linear description based on perception. Understanding begins with who you are and your awareness of the conditions in and around you.

Audio Response:

I would start with by saying that the whole concept of space and time is a way of talking about linear perspectives.

This concept comes through philosophy and spirituality and religion.

The question about consciousness is:

How do we understand where we are, who we are, how we are?

In the modern day, we talk about time and space especially from the static point of view.

Using the language that the Akashic Records use with me, conscience is basically awareness of the motion in you and around you.

Consciousness is very much the awareness of possibility, of potential in the moment, in previous moments, and future moments.

If we have the understanding of the energy continuum from potential to form then we know that we are moving from potential to form and then we move from form back to potential.

Basically the constant thinking of time and space is a perspective of us within a particular point, or a particular part of the energy continuum.

So they would say it’s not inherently wrong or even inherently right. It’s just that depending on the perspective you take talking about humanity as being within time and space is true within the context that you’re thinking of.

But that we are also more than that. Essentially, we’re form holding potential. The form part of us can be that time and space. For most people, this is the awareness of time and space.

It’s just the idea of where you are. And if you’re thinking of yourself standing on the earth, then time and space is all you need to think about.

If you think of yourself as part of the universe, now you starting to push the limits of time and space.

If you think of yourself as the boundlessness or you start into the ideas of nonlocality — what you begin to do is go beyond the limits of time and space.

You are still able to be conscious of you and your motion, right?

It’s just like how when we go into the Akashic Records. First of all, if you believe that you’re going in there to the origin of the soul, you’re outside of time and space, and in divine consciousness, pure consciousness, 100% potential.

Now you’re taking in a different awareness of the motion of energy around you and within you and you’re not limited to time and space.

But most people don’t have this experience.

They talk about consciousness as time and space.

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