Contradiction as Possibility for Dynamic Choice

Life is always borne upon seeming contradictions: good and bad, simplicity and complexity, clarity and ambiguity.? Life finds motion as energy in the resolution of contradiction because in truth from the soul’s perspective there is no contradiction only balance.

Contradiction in its static view feels like it demands you choose one or the other.? However, contradiction in its dynamic flow is about uncovering for yourself unlimited possibility and infinite choice otherwise obscured by the static view of either/or. ?As we begin to integrate our physical experience with our spiritual experience, we begin to see contradiction not as an obstacle limiting choice but as a path towards deeper understanding, experience, and empowered choice.

Take simplicity and complexity, notions which can be both obstruction and open channel.? “Make it simple” can be both an understanding to find clarity and a movement towards denial.? Complexity can add layers of meaning while also being its own movement toward denial.? Is life better in its simplicity or its complexity?? Both.? Neither.? One or the other?

As with any contradiction, the answer comes from following your truth.? In any situation exploring contradiction helps you find the threads of your journey and helps you clarify which direction to choose.? Most often, you will find that all sides have something of relevance to consider and contribute.? Dynamically, contradiction is never just either/or, usually a little of both.? And as you begin to look at contradiction as a journey instead of a dilemma, contradiction can also be understood through the understanding which lies secreted behind the either/or of the static view.? Unseen gifts ready to offer inspiration and new possibility.

In Joy!


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