Correlation between Rage and Climate Change?

From an Akashic Records Q&A event, comes this question: Is there any connection or correlation between the rage that we see around us in people in different ways and what’s happening in the climate? The response describes the anger and rage as a result of fear and how this fear is fed and stoked.


There seems to be a correlation between the temper of climate change with the level of rage that I see among humans and then among nations, and just internationally. It’s almost like the fires kind of symbolize the rage. Also since COVID, there’s so many more borderline behaviors and upsets, and unbridled unbalanced behavior going on. So could they say anything about the connection between emotional imbalance and/or rage and climate change?

The Founders: 

The way we want to answer that is to say that, from our perspective, all of that is a result of fear. It’s all about fear. Anger and rage are very much connected emotionally within most human beings. So we would say that there is definitely a correlation between increased fear within you, and increased anger, because that kind of fear that makes you panic or freeze or be incredibly worried about your future and your safety, and can you protect yourself, all of that kind of fear can generate a lot of anger, especially if you’re not conscious of the fear. And then what we see in the climate around you, about 25% is an outward reflection of your fear. Because a whole lot of what is going on in the environment, especially when it comes to weather has to do with this bigger arc that we were talking about earlier, of this huge change that’s happening on the planet about how human beings engage, both with themselves and with others. And over the last two to 3000 years, with this infinite emphasis on the body and the mind, fear has been something that’s been very, very easy to perpetuate. And the presence of fear tends to push people into this sense of what will it take for them to survive. And so survival becomes the overriding push. How can I survive? How can my family survive? How can my neighborhood survive? How can my country survive? 

So there are things physically that are happening on the planet, and we’ll talk about those in just a minute, that are exacerbating some of these fires and storms and stuff like that. But a lot of it then comes out of an overwhelming desire to survive. And the anger that comes because it doesn’t feel fair. It feels like if I’ve done all of this work, I shouldn’t have to be struggling this way. There’s anger that comes out of a judgment that things should be different. 

As people shift more and more into a sense of physical spiritual integration, the balance, the equilibrium that comes through that fear begins to lose its hold. And that’s because in that balance, people are more likely to stop and respond rather than react. People who are overwhelmed by fear often are reacting without thinking. When you have this awareness of who you are, and how you can be active in your life, about who you are both physically and spiritually, you have more of a tendency to not be pushed by fear, and a willingness to kind of take a deep breath, and be thoughtful about how you respond rather than responding out of the fear and the anger and the rage. 

And so in doing that, part of what happens is you shift from survive to thrive, so that you move out of life being all about how can I survive, and you move much more into the perspective of I thrive, I find happiness and joy in my life, I find that, even when I am afraid, I’m able to not allow that to push me into an overwhelming place of anger, and fear. The most important thing we would say is to understand that fear is a choice. And with all the different things that are pushing at you, in your modern lives, the idea is to make you react in fear, without being mindful of how you are connected. When you are mindful about how you are connected, you feel you can thrive and you feel like you are a part of All That Is, you’re not separated from it. The idea of survival often pushes you out of that sense of connection, and into a place where you feel separated, both from the people that you love and from what will help you feel safe in your lives.

And so a part of what’s happening is to help you learn to not always choose fear. It’s hard, right? You see all this stuff happening, and it’s hard not to immediately get afraid that the world is going to hell in a handbasket. But it doesn’t help if all you do is be afraid. So your minds want to figure out how to get you out of this trouble. And what your hearts and souls are learning to do in cooperation with your bodies and your minds is to learn to believe that all is possible. Balance is possible, joy is possible, and that there’s a way that you will move forward with a positive shift and change, even though maybe in this very moment, it’s hard to see how that’s possible.

So the best thing that we would suggest to do, especially if you have concerns in this area, is just to do an inventory on yourself about what you’re afraid of. And the more you can make fear something that you experience in the present moment, the easier it is for you to see the fear and get to a place where you can either decide to let go of that fear, that it’s not necessary, and or do something about whatever it is that you’re worried or concerned about.

So if there’s things that you notice bring up more fear, like watching the evening news or something like that, then don’t do it. You’ve got the choice about what you take in. And if you notice that it’s making you afraid, then step back from it, and analyze the fear and see if it’s really truly your fear. Because most of the fears that you take on aren’t even your fears. Like within the political spectrum, every side would like to scare you about all the other sides. And most of that fear is fake. It’s not yours, it’s not true. And so you get a choice over whether to take on that fear or not.

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