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Roots to Core: Lesson Four

Soul Channel Perspective on Transformation and Transmutation

Lesson Four Packet:

Roots to Core Lesson Four Packet

Transformation and transmutation can work together and in alignment with roots and core ? or at odds — depending on the situation or the attitude of what or who is being addressed. In order for the transmutation of essence and the transformation of structure to shift and align, the physical and spiritual need to be fully connected, aligned and balanced. Working together feels more comfortable but is not always the best solution. If the connection between physical and spiritual is problematic, then there is attention that can be given to the bands in the Soul Channel through advanced Soul Healing and through Bio-Spiritual Dynamics techniques.

The Soul Channel flows into and helps create the container and the contents of the physical body (an infusion of Akasha!). There is a bit of a delta at the juncture of the spiritual and physical ? one channel connecting and integrating with another. The energy flow at the delta can work well or can be troubled or tumultuous for reasons both spiritual and physical. Or, at the delta, the issue can simply be an issue of alignment (resonance), balance (choice), or connection (allowing).

Neither transformational nor transmutational shifts can occur if alignment, balance or connection is absent in the delta from either the Soul Channel or the physical point of view. In order for transmutation or transformation to occur there needs to be alignment, balance, and connection between Soul Channel and physical expression. And the absence or conflict might be either a soul-level or physical-level choice or response. And this balance-alignment-connection can come and go as needed from either spiritual or physical in response to both trauma and growth. It?s not a lack so much as a motion within awareness.

This brings in Core and Roots as multi-dimensional expressions within the being and becoming of your life where the four (Roots, Core, transformation and transmutation) are all connected in the infinite and eternal flow of your spiritual-physical expression.

Transmutational and transformational shifts begin first with a Soul Channel assessment and healing as needed by the individual. Then to connect Roots and Core, the possibilities of transmutation and transformation are explored usually on a issue by issue basis. The possibilities of transmutation and transformation may also be addressed by looking at alignment, connection and balance.


Alignment as Resonance

Much spiritual effort is focused on vibration. In our context here, vibration is a physical expression or sensation of energy. Resonance on the other hand I a finding of sympathetic congruence with in one or more energetic flows. Vibration is measure or standard. Resonance is finding similarity and balance. The measure of vibration can indicate judge from a linear, static point of view where flow is determined to be bad or good. Resonance does not judge as much as it searches for balance between separate flows of energy where the separation is no longer perceived as important because all flows are in balance one with the other.

Within the context of spiritual-physical integration, alignment is resonance. Which means that the integration is not about judging either structure or essence. The context of alignment comes through awareness.


Balance and Choice

Choice is the inner ability to trust self to decide or select. Balance comes when this aspect of self-trust is settled in body, mind and heart. At the same time, either because of feeling truth is outside or feeling coerced to make a decision against or without consideration of self-truth, choice doesn?t feel possible or attainable. Without choice, there is no balance.


Connection and Allowing

Allowing is about receiving the flow without expectation especially but also without fear or judgment. There is no recipe, there is not to-do list because it is all in the moment. And you have moved (mostly) beyond the illusion of control. Doingness is still caught in trying to control. Trying to mold or meld to a purpose, to a destination. Instead of an attitude of receiving, the attitude is if-then. If I do X, then I get Y. If I am X then my life will be Y.

Allowing in its state of receiving is ready to connect. Whereas the outward motion of doingness makes it easy to overlook or to interrupt connection. Allowing exists within the knowing of connection. Doingness questions the possibility or the how-to of connection.

Reading Exchange

Please participate in the Reading Exchange by offering and receiving a Reading.

Prior to receiving a Reading, ask this question in your Akashic Records: Identify something in your Roots which doesn?t feel aligned, connected or balanced with your Core. The question: what Root is coreless?

In the Reading you receive, ask these questions:

  1. Does this Root need transmutation/essence shift to be connected with Core? If so how or what shift or release?
  2. Does this Root need transformation/structural shift to be connected with Core? If so, how or what shift or release?

Week Fourteen

The Illusion of Control

The Seventh Principle of Ascended Living

Control is the answer to the everything from Blind Production on! If you are in control then you can determine outcomes and answers, guaranteeing success in proving your worth. Being in control makes you feel powerful over others and productive to avoid scarcity. When you are in control you think you have conquered fear. In your mind, control is the way to exert you own power-over. Control driven by outside truth is mistaken as connection.

The illusion of control keeps you focused on doing as the remedy to all. To consider the possibility of allowing is at first inconceivable. Why let go of that which makes everything attainable? As the illusion of control releases is tight hold, you find yourself waffling between allowing and doing. Somehow you need to work out the fear of losing control. The key is to understand that there really is no such thing as control. Control is an illusion to bind you to the path of blind production and keep you ensconced in a life without connect to your truth and your belief in yourself. As you begin to allow yourself move from truth at center, you begin to feel the true support and love of connection.

This week look within you and reflect on how the illusion of control controls you!

Ask these questions of yourself either as reflection or within your own Akashic Records:

  • How and when am I aware that I am caught between allowing and doing?
  • What am I releasing?
  • What am I receiving?

Week Fifteen

The Illusion of Standards

The Eighth Principle of Ascended Living

In the belief that worth must be proven is the illusion that there is a set of standards to which one must measure self. To be happy within mass consciousness, measure up! To be of service, meet the standards of service value ? whatever they may be. This illusion of standards gives lip service to the ideas of love everyone, give unceasingly, expect nothing, let others control you and more.

The bottom line is that there is no clearly definable set of standards on purpose. The search for standards and the search to figure out how to measure up are part of the rat race to keep you within the judgment of blind production, focused on upping your vibration to acceptable levels.

Tied into judgment, your view is on your lack. As you begin to loosen the control of Blind Production, awareness and assessment begin to step and offer guidance as a way beyond the incessant pursuit of living up to you know not what. As you move into the trust of your truth, you find that your awareness offers you a strong sense of your value and your worth through the energetic motion of resonance. No longer trying to align with the chaos of the outside, you are learning to find strength and peace within.

This week look within you and reflect on how the illusion of standards sets you up for failure and disappointment!

Ask these questions of yourself either as reflection or within your own Akashic Records:

  • How and when am I aware that I am caught between judgement and awareness?
  • What am I releasing?
  • What am I receiving?

Week Sixteen

The Oppression of Coercion

The Ninth Principle of Ascended Living

You are not smart enough, good enough, fast enough to make a choice for yourself. Why? Because you have not proved yourself worthy and most likely never will. For your highest good, look outside of yourself to be told what to decide and how to choose. It?s the only safe way to avoid being caught without. Believing that you have no choice keeps you in line, docile, and without a clear sense of self.

Coercion exists by maintaining the impracticality and impossibility of finding worth within which is trustable and worthy of staking your life on. Instead, power-over offers to make choices for you which will be better by purporting to be pathways to the ultimate goals in life. Trust the system because it is futile and na?ve to trust yourself!

However, by realizing that in any moment you are capable of choice, that choice is always available, you begin to release the hold of coercion and you begin to learn both the power and the responsibility of trusting yourself to choose. The insidiousness of this motion of coercion in life can be truly frightening. And as you let go of fear as directive motion, you step into choice directed by your inner truth. Balance begins to appear and life loses its rush and demand.

This week look within you and reflect on how the oppression of coercion sets you up for failure and disappointment!

Ask these questions of yourself either as reflection or within your own Akashic Records:

  • How and when am I aware that I am caught between coercion and choice?
  • What am I releasing?
  • What am I receiving?

Week Seventeen

Reflection on the Experience of Control, Coercion and Standards

Please reflect on these two questions and then provide a summary:

  1. What is most likely to catch you moving back and forth between within control, coercion and standards?
  2. What is most helpful to release the struggle and settle into peace?


Please read this article before moving to the next section: Letting Go of Self-Judgment

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