Current Symptoms of Ascension

From an Akashic Records Q&A event, comes this question: What are the ascension symptoms everyone seems to be experiencing during these times of change and transition? What do they represent? And have we had them before? The response moves beyond the limits of linear time and space to consider the depth of the shift and integration being experienced by humanity.

The Founders: 

The general idea of ascension is something that’s generally looked at from a linear, static point of view. What it’s doing is actually describing a jump out of being limited, from a different point of view, from the perspective of the infinite and the eternal, and learning to live your life within a much more dynamic, infinite eternal perspective and an awareness. And this goes along with the shift in the agreements, that you’re shifting away from a dominance of the body and the mind to the heart and the soul. And moving into an integration between who you are physically and spiritually means that that’s something that you’re having to learn how it works for you, how to feel comfortable in it, and it means that there are a lot of outdated beliefs that don’t really serve that. 

In a way, the symptoms of that kind of shift and transition, are super confusing, because there’s a lot of things that are being challenged, that even just 50 years ago, wouldn’t have been anything that people would seriously think need to shift. But as you go through this shift and this integration into who you are and who you can be and these deeper experiences of physical spiritual integration, it means that there’s a lot of what would been called truth that needs to be let go of, because it’s holding you back. It’s holding you within a perspective that says it can only work this way. And you keep having experiences of Well, no, actually it can work differently, and not knowing how to deal with that. So it’s forcing you to let go of a lot of that. 

Have you done this before? Yes, you have done this before, but generally speaking on the planet, this was something that would have happened three or 4000 years ago. In your written history, there’s been times where there’s been a push towards this kind of shift. In your early written human history, this started with the idea of the group. And to use the Greek word apocalypse, which meant something different from what that word has come to mean, especially in English these days, but it has to do with how the human experience and human perception is able to transcend the limits of the linear perspective, and be able to shift and consciously move back and forth between the experience of real life, the here and now, and what we’re going to call Unity Consciousness, which is the ability to maintain an awareness of the Divine while you are holding onto your physical bodies, that you do not have to leave the planet, or leave your physical bodies in order to be able to have that kind of experience. 

But in order to be able to have any sort of multi-dimensional awareness or experience of any kind, there’s a lot of beliefs and judgments that need to be let go in order to be able to do that.

It’s one of those things that you have to try really hard not to try to figure out. It’s almost like taking it intuitively, like breathing it in, like taking a deep breath, and saying, so what’s important for me, what do I hear? What can I take in? And little by little, it’s like a layering that happens. You take in this little layer, and then you take in another layer, and then you take in another layer.

Because that’s the kind of place where you’re learning how to trust yourselves, to just be able to take it in, and let it be what it needs to be for each of you. Everybody hears what they need to hear when they need to hear it. And everybody needs to take it in like little pieces at a time. And it’s just something that you learn to trust yourself with. 

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