Deep Personal Perspectives in an Akashic Record Reading

Deep Personal Perspectives in an Akashic Record Reading is one of several articles that I have written to describe some of the possibilities for exploration and personal growth within an Akashic Records Reading.

I am often asked how it’s possible to get to deep personal perspectives in an Akashic Records Reading.

Most people have been conditioned to focus on symptoms, the small bits, the diagnosis. There are certainly times when these make a good starting point. And not that this approach won’t help.

But here’s the problem with focusing on symptoms: No matter what you try, you can’t find balance one symptom at a time.  

Symptoms can create false limits and reinforce narrow expectations – they give the illusion that resolution has only one possible path.

However, deeper personal perspective comes when you look outside of the box, beyond the proscribed, into the possibilities of the unknown.

That’s why an Akashic Record Reading with me doesn’t strictly address symptoms.

My approach with the Akashic Records steps from the 1000-foot level, to the 10,000, and then the 100,000-foot level and back as needed for you to understand the context of your life.

From this elevated perspective, response and support comes to you from the depth of ALL of you, body, mind, heart, and soul.

Through the Akashic Records, I help you deal with the challenges of your life through the sum of your parts, so you can reassemble fragments and find holistic, authentic balance.

For example, say you think you need a new job.

You ask, “What job do I look for?”

Within an Akashic Record Reading, the response may not be a response to the symptom of a new job, instead the response will look at:

What doesn’t work in your current position and within your life,

Positive characteristics to look for in a new position,

Your own personal capacity,

Your deepest desires for self-expression and participation in the world,

Plus, a path to heal self so that you don’t take current challenges with you as you make a shift.

Thus, instead of telling you the one job, you receive an analysis which gives a broad perspective of you and the unknown possibilities of your career.

Breadth leads to depth.

As another example, the same perspective can emerge when asking about where to live.

The response evaluates why you feel the need to move, examines if you are ignoring something, and the characteristics of an ideal new home.

This way, if you do move, you don’t take outdated, limiting stuff with you.

Seen from this deep view, you see paths that were lost from view when focused on symptoms.

You move with clear intention and cleared decks.

This perspective will often offer opportunity you could not see stuck in the trenches.

Get it?

Instead of curing single symptoms, an Akashic Record Reading provides depth and breadth from a full view of you – not a focus on just your fragmented bits.

A view of you … whole, balanced, and able to trust yourself to discern truth for yourself.

You are an amazing being and more than the sum of your parts.

You are authentic in wholeness and always greater than the small bits of your limiting beliefs.

A symptoms-approach cannot glue you together, piece by piece.

An elevated view powered by the depth of your soul offers an in-depth perspective to empower your choice and your next steps in life!

Steps that can only be seen from the expanded view, unlimited by expectations born within narrow focus.

In an Akashic Record Reading with me:

Clearly see your capacity and your authenticity, 

Find balance and resolution through a holistic, systematic, deep level approach, and

Restore a deep sense of self-truth and self-worth.

Akashic Record Readings with me are based on the questions and issues you want to raise and address.

Don’t worry if you think your questions are too symptom oriented.

Your Akashic Records will respond to the deep emotion and intention of any question or issue you raise, showing you the holistic perspective which provides a sense of balance and resolution.

You move from fragmented and challenged to integrated and whole.

You move from stuck and hopeless, to finding the ability to choose your best life for yourself with determination and happiness.

Here are questions which help move from a limited view to a deeper personal perspective. Each question can be applied to a specific issue by adding to the end “about XYZ” where XYZ is the situation you want to explore.

What is my truth today?

What am I trying to ignore?

What outdated beliefs or stories are impacting me?

How is fear creating barriers to moving forward?

What will help me be more comfortable with the unexpected or the unknown?

How can I learn to trust myself more effectively?

If I am not afraid of failure, what awesomeness can I accomplish?

Deep Personal Perspectives in an Akashic Record Reading is one of several articles I have written to describe some of the possibilities within an Akashic Record Reading with me.

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