Defiance to Failure #2: Small Steps

Defiance to Failure #2: Small Steps is the second in a series of two articles — here’s part one: Defiance to Failure.

It would be easy to say that what happened today was coincidence. Meaning that there was simply chance or happenstance involved. A fluke. Instead I believe today was one of synchronicity. Why it appears that there are no causal links, connections across multiple levels stared me in the face. I couldn’t ignore any of it.

The difference between coincidence and synchronicity is that a catalyst is present in the second and not so much in the first. Coincidence happens without intention or pre-planning. Synchronicity is an alignment ignited or sparked by the flow of energy within a situation, often between the folks involved. The catalyst doesn’t need conscious intention to spark a flow and often the magic happens when the flow begins outside of the catalyst’s conscious awareness of what will initiate motion or flow. Catalytic conversion ignites synchronicity. Let me explain.

As you might have read here, I’m in the midst of a training program to make one of the toughest day hikes around this part of Oregon. A bit of a tongue-in-cheek because the climb will be Mt. Defiance, I have called my training Defiance to Failure. This reference has its own layers of meaning both within my physical training and other areas of my life. You can read here about how I learned of the concept of exercising to failure where failure is really about not trying and losing self outside of the powerful moment available here, now.

Learning to apply the spiritual concept of the present moment to my physical activity and desire to move to greater levels of endurance and performance was spectacular motion which really did change my life. I went from trying to anticipate and shifted to trusting myself in this moment to come to how? — now! The alignment which came from this was sparked by my personal trainer at the time without awareness of the possible effect on me.

Today was another moment of alignment which literally shook the ground I walked on. It is not uncommon in my work for either the Akashic Records or myself to remind students and clients that life doesn’t happen in giant steps, breaking off more than can be easily, pleasantly chewed. Small Steps. That’s the answer. Small steps help you access and move in alignment with your flow. Small steps are usually in alignment with the most beneficial approach to life because they allow you to stay connected and in focus with this moment now. The present moment offers you your own power and alignment with this flow. In the present moment, motion is open to the infinite possibility of All That Is. Out of the present moment, you are more likely to be hijacked by the blame of the past and the fear of the future. Small steps align with the flow of synchronicity in your life, allowing you to step into connection which is often beyond your conscious awareness.

Today I hiked 15 miles with 4000 feet of elevation gain. My longest, hardest hike ever and there is one reason I could do this: Small Steps.

I have a hiking buddy who watches over me. Today he said: Cheryl, you are taking big steps, too big and that is why you are losing your breath, panting, and having to stop frequently to catch your breath. At first, I didn’t get it. I’m on the short side and I’m used to big steps to attempt to stay up with those north of me in height. But he kept at it, with reminders and even a demonstration of small steps. I struggled at first because in the beginning it seemed like a foreign concept and my body memory was programmed for big steps. What you are doing with big steps is like lunge steps up the mountain, my buddy explained. Stretched out like this you are pushing past your comfort zone and asking your body to hike without adequate oxygen stores. Anybody doing this would be exhausted.

But I worked on it, even though it slowed me down. But I quickly realized I was breathing easier. I wasn’t stopping nearly as much. I was also enjoying the hike much more and I was able to talk with my buddy much easier. Granted I was still the slowest in the group. Yet this very interesting spiritual concept again applied in the context of physical performance has completely shifted my experience of hiking! I can’t wait to try again and see what I how I can expand what I can do hiking, trekking with/through nature.

Even now, several hours post-hike, I can feel a huge shift across my physical and spiritual Being. I believe I have yet to truly understand exactly the effect on my Becoming. Yet I’m positive that there will be a major shift in me because I feel the synchronicity of the day aligning with a further defiance to failure. My hiking buddy is the catalyst. And in this moment I am reminded: there are no coincidences!!

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