Delight in Your Presence

Delight in Your Presence is a poem I wrote after meeting someone. I thought I knew how the meeting would go and what I would think. I made my mind up before hand. Which I did even though I knew better. And then … well, I was wrong. Wrong, big time.

I thought I knew exactly what would happen

And I was entirely wrong

Because you are you

And I didn’t know you

Until I did

And then it was too late

And would have been untruthful

For anything else to be

Including what I thought

Which turned out to be wrong

Because in the end

The truth is

I receive delight in your presence.

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself when you are nervous. And when the stakes feel high. And when you are scared.

Anticipation turns into prediction to ease the nerves and calm the shaky knees.

In this case, if I had stuck with my false assumptions, I would have missed an incredible relationship which changed my life in many ways.

I learned about the power of me. And the power of my writing.

I learned I am worthy of respect. I am worthy of more than scraps.

I learned more than I could have imagined.

And I learned all of this because I was able to drop my assumptions, move through the uncertainty, and find the delight in the situation.

Plus, he was really easy on my eyes!

Delight in Your Presence is a poem from the section of my posts I call What is Sacred Relationship? For more articles about sacred sexuality, check out

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