Dementia, Fluidity, and the Earth Matrix

In this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question : Why is there so much dementia in older people?


So, there are several reasons, both physical and spiritual, as well as what’s happening on the Earth that come into this.

So a lot of what you think of as dementia, like strong memory loss, dementia, things like Alzheimer’s, are a byproduct of the way you eat.

And a whole lot of it has to do with the fact that people are taking in stuff that clogs up their systems, especially their neurotransmitters, the things that make the brain work really well.

And that can be different things for different people.

A whole lot of the food you eat is so highly processed, that it’s really not food, it’s food product, but it’s not living food. And, you get a lot of stuff like sugar that your bodies can’t tolerate well. Most of the sugar you get is processed sugar.

Most of the salt you get is processed salt, it’s synthetic, it’s not really real. And it has sugar in it. Pick up a bottle of your basic table salt, and you’ll see that it has dextrose in it, which is sugar.

And you don’t, generally speaking, eat good healthy fats that your brains need to thrive. So physically, the way you’ve tended to eat doesn’t help the longevity of your brains.

You have also pretty much accepted the idea that it’s normal that you lose your memory as you get older, which we would debate fiercely.

That’s not necessarily true. It might be true for some people but not for a whole population or the whole of humanity.

The other thing though, is that there are aspects of dementia that are actually the result of fluidity.

So as the planet is shifting, and the Matrix of the planet is shifting, it’s moving out of consistent, symmetrical motions and moving much more into asymmetrical motions, which creates fluidity. Your brains may not be super excited about that, but at the same time, they can actually be very excited, because it offers some opportunity that hasn’t been experienced.

So some people that have what you would think of as dementia are actually actively engaged with the fluidity of their brain, which means that their attention, their connection of awareness is in places that are not standardly a part of the awareness that you have in your linear world.

Participant asks: Is this not the same for autism?


It is similar. Autism is also both a response to the shift and fluidity as well as a shift in how the brain can be aware, can interact, and integrate.

So if the Matrix is symmetrical, it’s almost like it creates boxes that the brain stays within. Energetically, you live within lines and boxes, because you think of the Matrix as symmetrical, like longitude and latitude lines on a map.

That’s how you have just always thought, that’s why life on the planet tends to be lived in very circumspect ways, because you’re wanting to live within the grid, you want to live within the boxes, you don’t want to step out of the boxes, because you’re worried about surviving.

When there’s a shift in the Matrix, it becomes much more asymmetrical. Then, that means that how you respond both physically and spiritually shifts, and that means your brains have a capacity to thrive within the resonance of the asymmetry instead of the resonance within the symmetry.

You’re not threatened by the lack of consistency, and an asymmetrical environment. Instead, it is an opening to possibility.

However, it’s scary to go from one to the other, and in a way all of you are in that process of transitioning.

That means that your brains have a capacity to be aware in a way that you wouldn’t typically be aware of, or not the typical way you’ve been aware, in the last couple of thousand years.

So you have things that appear to be wrong, which actually are just motions into a new ability or a new way to be aware.

Now, there are plenty of cases of autism or ADHD, where there is also an interaction physically with food or whatever that doesn’t help.

So some of it is a breakdown or a sign of not optimal functioning, while some is a sign of extended optimal function within the new environment.

So it doesn’t all happen exactly for the same reason, just like you all can get a cold, and each have a different symptom.

And the reason why you have it can be different. And that becomes more and more the case, the more fluid the environment, because you haven’t even reached the length, the extent of the fluidity yet.

That’s probably 50 years away, at least.

The thing to know also is that the change that you’re going through right now, is the fastest that Earth has ever done this change.

Usually, what is happening in somewhere between 100 to maybe 250 years, usually takes about 1000 years.

And it’s happening really quickly. And that’s partly because there’s so many people on the planet, so you can do it.

Participant asks: Why does that matter? Does the number of people on the planet make the change faster?


Because more people are doing it at the same time, it becomes like a momentum issue.

So if you’ve got 1000 people, and you have 10% of the population making a change, the momentum is different than if you have a million people and 10% are making the change.

Not everybody’s making the change, but it becomes a momentum issue.

There’s about 8 billion people on the planet right now.

Less than 1% are making that change. But that’s 80 million people, that’s still a huge number!

It’s a little bit also like the idea of the 100th monkey, like you teach one monkey and then that monkey teaches another and another and then you get to 100.

And then all of a sudden all the monkeys know. That’s momentum. There are so many people that are making the change, even though relatively percentage wise, it doesn’t seem like that much. It’s that you’re all almost to the 100th monkey.

Participant asks: Is that why the Power Overs want to reduce the population so quickly?


If you get too many people who are no longer manipulated by fear, Power Over has a very hard time.

Participant asks: What happens to the people that don’t make the change? And what happens to those of us who do?


Well, the people who don’t make the change, don’t and they die, and continue on with whatever their path is.

Those of you that do have a different life and end up being on the front end of the change.

Because it’s all about a shift and change.

And it’s all about energy moving in a different pattern, different direction, different intention than what you’ve lived with, for the most part over the last 3000 years.

And even within physical-spiritual integration, and even if 90% of humanity was okay with that shift, willing and actively engaged in the integration, the capacity within humanity for manipulation and control is still there and doesn’t go away.

How you respond to it, is what changes. It becomes more than that.

The way you respond to what is trying to manipulate you through fear is what changes and that means primarily most of the interaction on the planet, especially within humanity, but also humanity with everything else that’s on the planet shifts much more to an approach of balance, and the power dynamics shift much more towards Power With and Power Within.

But it also means that then you’re dealing with Power Over less within their agenda and more within the intention of finding balance.

So, in other words, you don’t get rid of polarity, it’s the response to the polarity that changes.

That’s why you must not choose fear. In the face of all of this, don’t choose fear. Don’t choose a reaction that fuels Power Over. Choose a response that empowers you, which supports your Power Within.

And that’s very, very scary to do, especially in the face of Power Over that is used to getting its own way.

And it’s also been part of why we talk a lot about things not being good or bad, because that in and of itself, is perpetuating the polarity of fear.

Even just to say, to talk about the good people on the planet versus the bad people on the planet, actually doesn’t serve you in moving away from survival mode, and moving into a place that you can thrive within the balance of who you are.

Everybody is just who they are. And it’s not about stopping the bad people so that the good people can survive because that’s a Power Over agenda.

That’s what they’re talking about, when they talk about the whole history of what it means to be the Chosen One, the chosen people.

The Chosen People are always the good people. And if you’re not a Chosen Person, then you’re a bad person. That’s how this is set up.

So the best thing to do is to not buy into the fear and not buy into the idea that there’s good people and bad people.

Because if you look at the history of humanity over the last couple of thousand years, it’s all about who are the good people and who are the bad people.

It’s not about allowing people to do horrible things, but if you always parse everything into good people, bad people, you just bought into someone’s Power Over agenda.

It’s about the idea of discernment, as opposed to judgment. So you’re in discernment. You’re being aware of what works for you. And then you can be aware that sometimes what works for you doesn’t work for other people.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s bad for you.

Or bad for them.

It’s just you’re discerning a difference, and you’re not then introducing fear into that difference to use as a way of saying that that’s a bad person and this is a good person.

It’s not about getting rid of fear, it’s about choosing how you respond.

Because there’s always going to be someone that’s going to try to scare you about something.So it’s more about saying, I’m not going to choose fear.

I’m not going to react to it mindlessly. I’m going as best I can, to be clear that I have a different choice than fear.

We want to add this, you may have heard of the idea which often comes from Buddhism about letting go of attachments, letting go of desires.

To some extent, it’s about surrendering. Instead, think about it this way, think about attachments as labels, especially labels that say this is good and that’s bad.

And so that when you talk about letting go of attachment, what you’re really talking about is letting go of the labels.

It’s not being without desire. It’s being without the limits of labels, which can be difficult because in a certain sense, labels are the way that you try to learn things, you try to understand things.

And so how can you understand something if you don’t know what it is?

Because that’s what a label does, it tries to help you understand what this is, and that’s where understanding becomes about the resonance that you feel, the harmony, the agreement that you feel with something, a person, an animal, an event, a book.

It is that you feel that connection.

And that’s really what life is more about, that feeling of connection, as opposed to the labels or the attachments.

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