Destiny as Spiritual Journey

Destiny then is not just the course of our lives and the fortune or misfortune we encounter.

Our lives are more than the fates chronicled in our individual tablets.

Destiny springs from our own personal characteristics, who we are, our natural gifts, our abilities and talents, our intentions for this life.

In the unique possibility that is each human we find choice, that ability to make determination our own for our lives.

Fulfillment of destiny becomes our ability to rise from the present and unfold our divine endowment, to find ourselves, our path, and to explore and create our divine legacy for ourselves.

Fate exists outside our reach, driving us because we can only see the future through the clouded lens of the past.

Destiny ascends from the present to allow us to claim possibility and fulfillment as divine providence as we choose.

Necessity as eternal transcendence becomes our messenger and guide.

We make the ultimate choice: together with the eternal we write in our own tablets of destiny.

In choice, we find connection with the unknowable.

Fate loses its hold as we create our own destiny through choice.

Now we understand.

Destiny is our claiming of the divinity within.


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