Dispelling Myths and Erroneous Notions about the Akashic Records

Recently I was speaking with a new friend about the Akashic Records. 
This friend had some interesting questions for me.

Question:  Are the Akashic Records a new religion?

My Answer:

First, let us make a difference between religion and spirituality.

Religion usually comes with a sacred manuscript and set of rules or standards for proper behavior and a leader. The main point of religion is to tell you truth because the religion doesn’t believe you have the capacity to find your truth by yourself.

On the other hand, spirituality is about your own personal experience of truth and of divine awareness. For a spiritual person, the spiritual journey is about learning to trust self and awareness of personal truth. Reading holy manuscripts or spiritual books is about uncovering your own inner sense of truth, balance and trust.

I work with the Akashic Records as a source of spiritual support and not as a religion. As a spiritual guide, I offer support for each person’s own journey. I offer the spiritual practice of the Akashic Records as a source of support and a source of personal truth for each individual.

Question:  Are the Akashic Records a sect?

My Answer:

A sect has rules for behavior and a clear sense of US and THEM. Us are all the people who abide by the rules so that they can be on the inside with US.

THEM are the people who are wrong because they are not following the rules of US and are on the outside, separate from the approved group.

I work with the Akashi Records as a community of people who are learning for themselves about their own personal truth.

Question:  For those who can open the Akashic Records, is this a new way of getting money?

My Answer:

Yes, there are people out there in the world who make spiritual offers solely to make money and lots of it!

Each individual must be aware of the motivations and intentions of someone who calls themselves a spiritual teacher.  The individual must decide on their own if a teacher’s intention is pure and authentic. A teacher wanting only to make money will often try to convince you that they know truth you don’t or can’t know. This teacher often wants money from you to tell you secret knowledge.

A sincere teacher offers to help you learn how to trust your inner knowledge and develop a personal process which expands your knowledge over time.  This teacher may include knowledge that many do not know because it is about the transmission of this knowledge.  But the sincere teacher will not make promises to you that this knowledge will immediately gain you wealth and solve all your problems.

Question:  Are the Akashic Records some type of mystery to control people?

My Answer:

Some new religions and sects desire to control the people in their groups as a way to create power over the people and as a way to make more money.

Ultimately the only person who can control you is the person you have given control to. You are responsible for you! You are in control of you! No one else! You are responsible for you!

I offer the Akashic Records as a way for clients and students to feel like they can make their own choices in their lives.

Question:  Does exposure to the Akashic Records affect the brain and or expand psychic abilities?

My Answer:

Working with the Akashic Records is about learning to understand how your own energy moves and flows. In the process of learning, you can begin to feel energy shifts and energy release. While difficult sometimes, because the motion is about learning and understanding new personal truth, you become aware that new energy also helps you trust yourself easier and feel less fear about you and your world.  So you can see that this is not directly about expanding psychic abilities because the Akashic Records goes beyond.  And the only effects on the brain that I have ever observed are an increased sense of clarity and awareness.

Question:  If I learn to open the Akashic Records, can I expect to find specific information to immediately solve problems?

My Answer:

When we are confused or frustrated about our lives, it is natural to want immediate answers. We want to know now so that whatever is bothering us is solved, goes away, leaves us alone.

Thus, it is also natural to look at the Akashi c Records as a source of immediate answers. And it is not that there won’t be support or answers. Instead, it is understanding that the purpose of the Akashi Records in not easy answers. The purpose is to support you in uncovering within yourself your own personal truths.

Yes, you may bring questions to the Akashic Records. And yes, there will be a response, a response which helps you open to the truth of your heart and soul.

Question:  Will the Akashic Records help me learn to find extraordinary skill and see the future?

My Answer:

The Akashic Records in its more important energetic aspects are beyond the linear perspective of past, present and future. Very simply, the Akashic Records are about your intuition in this moment. Which has nothing to do with predicting the future. And has nothing to do with acquiring special skills which help you see the future.

When you learn to trust yourself, you are letting go of fear and releasing disbelief in self. You are able to be present to yourself and trust that you can live happily in this moment, open to whatever your next step maybe.

Question:  Will the Akashic Records help me solve family problems and bring instant understanding?

My Answer:

Interaction with the Akashic Records, either by receiving a Reading or learning to open the Akashic Records for yourself, will not produce instant understanding or healing.

The Akashic Records are a spiritual practice which requires effort. This effort is about learning to be aware of self, to be aware of what blocks you may have within and being willing to shift your beliefs and your sense of truth to release these blocks.

When you are able to allow this shift, you often will feel lighter and more focused. This is a very different process than instant because it requires your conscious involvement and your willingness to release whatever no longer serves you.

Interaction with the Akashic Records is not about something done to you. Healing is about the process you need to find balance within yourself for yourself. The Akashic Records Reader or Teacher doesn’t heal you. Instead, this person holds sacred space for you as you uncover for yourself your soul’s truth and where balance is for you in this moment.

Again, as spiritual practice, the Akashic Records support your effort. Just listening or learning is not usually enough for the healing balance of the Akashic Records to happen.

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