Divine Assistance Readings with Cheryl Marlene

Divine Assistance Reading with Cheryl

Divine assistance is waiting for you to ASK!

When you ASK:

You are letting go of the energy: I am alone.

You open the door for your heart to RECEIVE

You initiate the assistance of Divine flow

Divine Assistance comes when you ASK!

Through the Akashic Records, Cheryl identifies Your Divine Assistance Triad:

Method of Divine Assistance

Primarily methods of transmission usually through principles such as love, mercy, death, compassion, joy, song (music), grace, truth, integrity. However methods may also include forms such as words, motions or actions, and fragrance.

Beings of Divine Assistance

Beings of Assistance usually take human form but are truly not limited in this way. Can include angels, archangels, ascended masters, elementals, guardians, immortals, other planetary beings, the Guides of the Akashic Records, light beings and more including guide animals and familiars.

Location of Divine Assistance

Locations of assistance include, but again are not limited, to the Akashic Records, Temple of Light, the Light, Path of Welcome, Angel City, Open Country and Tabla Rosa (meaning unformed space). Other locations include Shamanic upper and lower worlds, and the non-physical of Physical Reality.

How This Works in an Akashic Record Reading

Cheryl offers a focused Divine Assistance Akashic Record Reading or by request within any Akashic Record Reading

Divine Assistance Akashic Record Reading

Cheryl begins this Reading first by intentionally opening your Temple of Light and signaling clear intention to work with Divine Assistance.

Cheryl then identifies your Divine Assistance Triad for the Reading, clarifying if these three aspects are for the current issue only.  If appropriate, Cheryl will also offer guidance of how you can contact your Divine Assistance Triad outside of the Akashic Records.

Now it’s your turn to ask your question to your Divine Assistance Triad and receive support and guidance.

In a thirty-minute Reading, there is usually time for one maybe two questions.  Sixty minutes allows for additional questions to be addressed.

As Part of Any Reading

Within any Akashic Record Reading with Cheryl, you may ask to have your Divine Assistance Triad identified and questions may be directed to the Triad. ASK! That’s it — Ask to receive!

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