Do Our Soul Contracts Span Eternity?

Do Our Soul Contracts Span Eternity?: in this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question:

 Do our soul contracts span eternity? Or do we formulate new soul contracts at certain intervals, like each time we reincarnate?

So first of all, they’d like to start off by saying they don’t really like the word contracts. Partly because that has a very linear connotation to it that is limiting to an understanding of how a soul decides to participate in the possibilities of All That Is.

Life doesn’t really start with, “I’m promising to do this, that, or the next thing,” or “I messed up last time and now I promise to do this,” although, from a linear point of view, it may appear that way or that seems to be the best way to explain it.

But they would say that, really, it’s more about intention. It’s more that the soul chooses how it wants to participate, because the soul in that moment of I am takes in the awareness of the possibility of All That Is and then it chooses how it wants to interact with that possibility.

Which, from a linear point of view can look like a contract but, from the dynamic point of view, it’s about the choice the soul is making.

And so in that sense, soul choice, soul intention spans the entirety of eternity. I mean, it’s the Infinity, which means, this isn’t something that there’s a limit to. It’s not like you’re going to choose to participate in certain ways and then get it done, it’s that you keep choosing different ways to participate.

So when you come into a physical existence, there’s usually some intention behind that, although it also can be that the intention can change at any point within the physical existence. If you think about it like parallel lives, you don’t go into each life necessarily with the same intention, though you might. It just depends on where your soul has been. It’s a bit like going on a trip to Boston, and you’ve never been to Boston Commons. But then you find the harbor and then you find something else and something else, so you end up not making it to Boston Commons. Did you fail? No, not necessarily, but your intention certainly could have changed.

So, your soul’s existence within all of its millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of lives is always going to be directed by intention, and that intention can change from moment to moment.

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