Driven by Overwhelming Emotion

Is it natural despite awareness that we still tend to become overwhelmed by emotions?

Yes.  There are just times where you get overwhelmed. It can be overwhelming in a joyful, loving, happy kind of way. It can be overwhelming in a sad, angry, frustrated kind of way. That’s a sign that you’re involved in your life.  You’re fully in the experience. You’re not holding back.

Otherwise you’re always going to be judging yourself, because you don’t want to be in a place where you feel you must completely think through everything you do before you do it.  That kind of forethought means that you’re separated from your experience.

Instead, it’s more about moving into a place where you trust yourself to do or say whatever comes to you without having to go through a ton of thought about it. There’s some moments where you want to stop and think. There’s some moments where you just want to trust yourself that what comes out of your mouth or whatever it is that you do is the right thing in the right moment. Because you don’t want to be second guessing yourself. You don’t want to be constantly going, “Oh my goodness, am I going to do the right thing? Am I going to say the right thing?” That’s not a way to live, either.

It’s this balance between trusting yourself in the moment and learning not to react.  Life isn’t about perfection.  We keep learning.

What you learn in part is that there are some things that are going to trigger you. That are just always going to be hard for you to deal with.

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