Earth Changes & Human Consciousness

Earth Changes & Human Consciousness comes from opening the Akashic Records of Mother Earth & Planet Earth,

I asked this question and received this answer.

Question: What changes is the Earth experiencing now? Is the Earth moving into another dimension?


Saying we are going from the third to the fourth dimension (or whatever the different ways of talking about it that there are) is to miss deeper understanding.

These dimensions exist all at one time and we (Mother Earth & Planet Earth) and you are already in them.

So it is not something we are moving into.

But what is changing is the predominant awareness of where humans are and how humans are aware that they can exist. Awareness is changing.

We, Mother Earth and Planet Earth, feel human beings, individually and collectively, are moving into energetic levels that the current civilization of human beings has not yet experienced.

This is part of the natural evolution of humankind as we know them right now.

It has to do with moving into a level of consciousness that has more awareness of energy and has to do with the results of having lived for a time in a patriarchal, male-dominated, head-dominated, intellect-dominating civilization.

Humans are in the process of moving away from this primary domination into one that is more heart-centered and more in balance with All That Is.

This new way of being doesn’t swing quite so heavily between the poles, between the different dualities.

Earth isn’t moving from male into female. Your civilization is moving into a consciousness where male and female exist as one at the same time.

You did the female thing, then the male thing, and now all of us together are creating a world of male and female together.

It’s all about moving into an awareness that Mother Earth calls Unity Consciousness.

From the perspective of Unity Consciousness, this whole idea of all these different dimensions that she has heard talk about doesn’t really have any significant meaning.

The dimensions exist

. But it is not hierarchical nor implies progress in the way humans try to think of it.

All That Is is multi-dimensional or uni-dimensional depending on your perspective.

As humans move into an ability to be in awareness of each moment, you will realize that in the moment of Now, there is no difference between dimensions.

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