Earth Core Slowdown?

Earth Core Slowdown? : in this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question : How is the activity of the Earth core slowing down?

Participant: Scientists are talking about how the activity at the core of the Earth is slowing down, and how every so often it changes direction, and they are studying it because they don’t know much about it.

The Founders: Part of what’s happening is that the Earth is aging, but the Earth is also going into a new cycle, a new phase. So maybe by physical measurement standards, you could say that there’s a reduction in activity, but it’s much more a shift in the direction of the motion at the core. Like if it was going up, now it’s going down, but it’s actually more that it’s getting ready for the Earth to be much more accepting of multi-dimensional energy. Earth has gone in and out of periods where it’s been more or less accepting of multi-dimensional energy, and it is finishing a period in which it has been less accepting of multi-dimensional energies. So, what’s happening at the core is very much a part of that shift to accommodate the motion towards a more active interaction, multi-dimensionally. If you think of the Earth as a sphere, there are several things that are true. One is that that sphere has multiple layers, both physically and energetically, and it’s integrating across all of those layers in different ways. Then there’s also the integration of the earth with other spheres of dimensions, where it might end up looking like a Venn diagram, where you have two circles, crossing into each other, so ****that there’s places where part of one sphere is also part of another sphere. And there are multiple spheres that interact with Earth in that way. So, when you start talking about multi-dimensional interaction, what you’re talking about is how you can either be aware or not aware of that interaction. We’re moving towards a period where more and more humans can have awareness of those interactions, and maybe even motion across those interactions, like, in some respects, what a portal is. Because a portal can happen when there’s a cross between two or more dimensions. That’s not the only way that a portal works, but that’s one of the ways. But this also has to do with how the Matrix of the Earth is shifting. So physically, we would call that ley lines, but from a more dynamic, soul level kind of perspective, the Matrix is much more asymmetrical. And in a certain sense, the lines don’t go straight, the waves of energy are more like S shape than straight lines and they can go up and down or left and right. If you think about it as a circle, the lines don’t necessarily bisect the circle at exactly 180 degrees, so that means some of these Matrix lines are longer than other lines, some are shorter, which has an effect on how energy moves along the Matrix lines. Some energy also moves away from Matrix lines, like ripples in a pool kind of movement, or you could think of it like the energy radiating. And all of it has been shifting to being a much more fluid system. Over the last two or three thousand years, the Matrix has been more rigid, and more symmetrical, in a sense, which reduces the ability for multi-dimensional interaction. But now, as the Matrix shifts, and the lines in the Matrix are less consistent in length and shape, it’s responding to the interactions of different dimensions in different ways, both relative to the energy of the dimension that it’s interacting with, and relative to the energy of the Earth, which will also affect what goes on at the core, because the core radiates the energy that creates the Matrix. It goes back to the whole issue of consistency. If you have an energy Matrix on the Earth that is symmetrical and fairly equal in length, then you have a whole lot of consistency. When the Matrix shifts, the lines start shortening and becoming asymmetrical and they move away from what we would think of as a linear shape and things become much less consistent, at least initially, because of the comparison experience between the two. The benefit is that it allows humanity and all life on Earth to experience more fluidity in the physical form, and it allows for stronger integration energetically to become more apparent between who you are physically and who you are spiritually. So, in an interesting way, the fluidity of the energy Matrix is what increases the strength of life on the planet. Currently, humanity is actually doing some things that are damaging life on the planet, like ignoring their responsibility for ****balance or for connection. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that you’re all connected. And Earth is connected to humanity, so when something is out of balance in one place, the Earth works to find equilibrium around the entire planet. And so a lot of what’s happening, like with the weather, and what we think of as global warming is actually an effort on the Earth’s part to find balance. And because the Earth is a part of the shift and change, the Earth understands that what it means to be human is shifting and so the Earth has a part to play in providing a foundation for that shift and change. In some respects, it’s a much more complicated system than we might give it credit for, particularly as it’s a system that is already integrated physically and spiritually, which means that a lot of things might happen that are actually what we would think of as spiritual occurrences, as opposed to those framed within a physical explanation. Part of the reason why you deal with the fear of change by trying not to take things personally, is that that helps you to step into a broader view about what’s happening, rather than it being only from your own frame of reference. A much broader view than most humans are used to is needed to explain what’s going on on the planet.

Participant asks: Is this change happening also in the core of our cells?

The Founders respond:

Yes, it is because it’s all connected. So part of it is that DNA is changing, but it’s also happening from a much broader perspective than just a physical change. One of the things that’s happening is that humanity is becoming more fluid in its awareness of things, so less likely to turn everything into black and white. That is part of the reason why, for example, a lot of people are feeling much more fluid in their gender, because their whole bodies, body, mind, heart, and soul are functioning much more in fluidity than in the linearity or the duality or the strictness of what has been. In a certain sense, everything is up for question, for reconsideration. You know, how do you want to be, how do you want to interact, how do you want to feel? And while that creates an awful lot of incredible possibility for humanity about what you can do in your lives, it also creates a lot of fear, because it ****doesn’t have the consistency that you’re used to.If you think about the cells in your bodies, and you think about them as spheres, the sphere is both contracting, and flipping into expansion. So, from one perspective, it feels like things aren’t working anymore at all, period. At the same time, there’s possibility that’s hasn’t been there for a really long time on the planet. Many of you would have been here at those points, and remember the energy of it, but haven’t had any experience of it on the Earth in the last 3000 years or so. That hasn’t been a possibility, but because you might have been here when it was a possibility, you have a remembering which can either scare you to death and stop you in your tracks, or it can be interpreted as possibility, however challenging, but it’s still possibility, to interact and explore within your lives. However that might happen, whether it’s about interaction with other people or interaction across the planet. In a certain sense, it’s also that humanity’s awareness is becoming a lot more like animal awareness, where there’s an understanding of connection, and of the inevitable nature of motion. If we talk about energy having three characteristics: motion, intention and knowing, motion is the idea. Everything’s always in motion. Intention is the direction to motion. Knowing is the awareness that comes through knowing through motion. It means that your abilities to interact, be connected and be aware of motion is in the midst of significant change. In some respects, that’s another primary change that’s happening is your abilities. It’s why things like the Akashic Records are more well-known now than they were 100 years ago, it’s because your ability to be aware has shifted and expanded. Just like learning how to open the Akashic Records will shift and expand your own awareness of knowing outside of the Records, because you’ve learned how to be aware of knowing within the Records, so you’re able to be much more aware of knowing outside of the Records. And that’s just the nature of humanity. People like to call it things like psychic abilities that makes it sound like something that’s not entirely human or somehow you have to be special, but this is a capacity that anybody can have. It’s one of those situations if one person does, then everybody can.

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