Earth’s Current Experience

Earth’s Current Experience: in this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question: 

What is going on with the Earth at this time?

There are several things that are happening. The major thing that’s going on, at least with humanity is what it means to be human on Earth is shifting. This is about shifting from being predominantly human beings who pay attention to their minds and their bodies to living in an integration of physical and spiritual.

What this is doing energetically to the planet is that it is causing or influencing a very big environmental shift on both an spiritual-physical integration level, but also on a physical level. The planet is going through some shifts in climate and because of that, it’s also then shifting how we live.

There’s also how human activity is influencing how things are going — about how there is an integration between how we think of ourselves as individuals, how we show up in the world, and what we and then what we choose to do.

Part of what’s happening is the idea that human beings are dominant over all, and in a certain sense, disconnected from the rest of life on the planet is being slowly and maybe in some respects, not so pleasantly let go.

The move is toward really seeing that we do live in connection with all life on the planet. And what we do or don’t do, can have an effect on every other form of life on Earth.

The Founders know that there are many of us who are disillusioned with the idea that people can’t learn about the effects of their actions on themselves and on others and on the planet. They see that it’s going more towards a balance where people are knowing what you do, what you say, has impact on you, and it has impact on your family and friends, and essentially on the entire world. Even though we may not always see the extent of our individual actions. Like throwing a rock in a pond where you see the waves and you know that they’re gonna go out and out and out and out but you don’t really see the end and generally don’t see all of the effects. We’re learning our behavior on the planet has a ripple effect.

The Founders believe the majority on the planet actually gets it and is actually letting go of the old way of human domination.

But at the same time, there are more shifts on the planet happening because of this shift within humanity toward physical-spiritual integration. It’s not just we all get spiritual, it’s that who we are spiritually needs to learn to live on the planet. And part of that is learning to live within harmony with everyone, to understand connection with everyone, and to understand that most of life comes out of the unexpected.

It’s learning how to be aware while being both pragmatic and open on a mystical level to things we don’t know. We’re learning because that’s partly what happens as you move into deeper and deeper levels of physical-spiritual integration. Your life shifts, you change. Everything is different. You look at things differently. You have a different perception. Though most of us on the planet aren’t used to living from that full integration.

After achieving full integration comes Unity Consciousness. This is a state of our integration where you can choose to shift the focus of your awareness. It was believed that the only way you could get to unity consciousness was through some sort of enlightenment where you let go of your physical body and you returned to eternal source.

This is one of the biggest things that’s happening is that we are all shifting ourselves in such a way that we can maintain an awareness of unity consciousness within the integration of who we are physically and spiritually.

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