These are some of Cheryl’s favorite One-liners from

Kissing Frogs, Goddess Emerging:

Never give up on myself and what I want. No good comes otherwise.

My online dating mantra became: Make it real, quick!

Who knew! Bad sex in a cheap hotel with a stranger does not end in personal ruin.

When you are trying to be conscious about your life, expectations can create barriers.

Major disappointment is dinner at a nice restaurant, I go to the trouble of dressing up and the guy shows in an old t-shirt.

White lies creep. The lie asks you to let slide this slightly less-than-honest story, making way for the next fudging of the truth.

No need for outside acceptance to have self-acceptance.

My sense of balance, my sense of self-worth cannot, does not come by pushing someone else down.

I am amazing, powerful beyond my capacity to see sometimes, not because I am better than, simply because I am, I exist, I get up every morning and give my life the best I am capable of.

Only in the moment of being does reality exist, becomes apparent, and is experienced.

Only in yielding to the flow of love can I receive myself.

My soul touches his and his touches mine. We create with each other sacred relationship.

In the safe harbor that is me, I am Goddess emerging.

A woman fully in the strength of her being is beauty incarnate.

Strength is a sense of self which blossoms within.

The fun of dating transformed me into a seeker of sacred relationship requiring I begin with myself, that I experience this journey within myself first and foremost.

In the motion of my body, I reflect for myself me as rainbow of possibility, as eternal exquisite butterfly, as wearer of sexy red dress, as Goddess emerging.

In finding self I am now ready to open, allow, receive him and me just as we are: two beautiful, powerful, wonderful notes willing to play together.