Energy of Ask-Receive

The energy of Ask-Receive is vital to the discussion of divine assistance especially within the Akashic Records.

Today the conversation is to focus on the ASK – RECEIVE energy as related to Divine assistance.

The concept of ASK is what begins the flow, what initiates the possibility of new motion.

ASK also begins refinement of intention.

Yes, the ASK is always within the Circle of Infinite Possibility.

Yet ASK – RECEIVE bounces against any beliefs about Scarcity and the Illusion of Standards.

There is only so much for some.


There is more than enough of everything for everyone.

Standards reveal worth and who gets what.

RECEIVE does not function within Standards.

RECEIVE moves within the Circle of Infinite Possibility.

But if you are stuck with in the Illusion of Standards then you will judge RECEIVE within those Standards.

You will think there is a “right” way to ASK so that you control RECEIVE.

For within Scarcity, the question is:

How can I be assured to get part of that which is scarce?

Because within scarcity mentality you are also affected by the Illusion of Control.

If you follow XYZ standards then you can control outcome.

You can receive that which is Scarce including Divine Assistance.

Standards say Divine Assistance is only available to the faithful, to the law abiding, the “Good People.”

To receive you must be aligned with the Standards and you get there by following the rules defined by whatever group you feel aligned with.

But if we go back and question the legitimacy of Scarcity, then ASK – RECEIVE can be understood in a very, very different light.

When there is enough for everyone, then neither control nor standards are needed.

They both can be seen as the illusions they both are.

In their place is Acceptance and Openness.

Acceptance filters through an awareness of WHAT IS.

The awareness of WHAT IS comes through an openness based on the inner strength of self-worth and power-with (meaning security and safety are not in question).

Within the perspective there is no need to control RECEIVE

While ASK has intentions and anticipation of WHAT BECOMES, there is excitement about how the Eternal Return of Divine assistance will nurture the return in response to your ASK and fashion the WHAT IS of your RECEIVE.

In your openness you may have a specific idea of what you want to RECEIVE but as you sink into this perspective you begin to understand that your ASK is keying into the feeling of how your being and becoming are connected and that the RECEIVE response of Divine Assistance and All That Is respond to the broader perspective of your being – becoming connection.

Thus, the interaction of Divine Assistance is not manifesting what you think you want.

Instead, it is realizing that your ASK opens the door for the response to come through the Circle of Infinite Possibility and your being – becoming connection.

First you must release the need for control and the Illusion of Standards especially seen in the judgment of manifesting success: I want X, I Do Y to get X, and then I get X.

This is a linear causation chain limited by Standards and Illusions.

Questions for practice:

  1. How does the illusion of scarcity affect my beliefs about myself and my life?
  2. What needs shifting so that I may release my illusion of scarcity?
  3. When I ASK, how do I know I RECEIVE?

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