Essence of Excellence

Yesterday, the fishmonger at my local grocery store was in excellent spirits. He had arranged for an amazing sale of fresh Alaskan Coho Salmon.

I love salmon, especially fresh. A treat I used to enjoy often when I lived in a small seaside town in Washington State.

When it was my turn to order, I smiled at the gentleman and asked, “How are you today?”

He gave me a great grin and replied, “I am the essence of excellence.”

Not a brag. A simple fact he recognized and claimed for himself.

What I like more than salmon is the reminder to see the best of me.

Fishmonger as powerful teacher is also an amazing gift.

In passing on these words, he encouraged me to look in myself for my essence and my excellence – and most importantly, the connection between the two.

Let me pay this forward and ask you:

Where is your essence of excellence today?


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