Eternal Return

All creative energy and all Divine Assistance moves within the motion of the Eternal Return.

Everything is Energy.

All Energy flows on a continuum from potential to form to potential.

Within this flow is the Eternal Return.

The Eternal Return: all flows of energy return.

The energy continuum is an example of the Eternal Return.

On one end of the continuum is potential and at the other is form.

All energy moves from potential to form and returns to potential.

The Eternal Return.

In working with Mother Earth, this is the primary idea.

The Eternal Return is the going out which is always accompanied by the flow back.

The cycles of creation are held within the Eternal Return.

The return may be on a different level from the initial movement, but there’s always a return, eternally, infinitely.

The Eternal Return need not be held only within a linear image.

A spiral is a form of Eternal Return where energy returns yet at a different level than its flow out.

The different level comes because as energy flows out, experience is accumulated.

In the return, is the same flow, but that flow is different, rich from learning.

According to Mother Earth, learning to work with the energies of the Earth requires understanding and developing an awareness of the Eternal Return.

Understanding the Eternal Return pulls experience into deeper levels of understanding, expanding ability to stand within the motion of the energy of the earth with an open heart and mind.

The Eternal Return as a cycle is both initiation and completion offering integration both as a challenge and gift of experience.

Remember, the Eternal Return in its least complex understanding is simply the eternal return of all flows of energy.

Internal Return

The Eternal Return expresses a motion across the entirety of All That Is.

Within the Eternal Return is the internal return as the cycle of creation which initiates the energy flow out and completes when the energy returns within individual energetic expressions.

The internal return expresses within an individual energy flow.

Within human beings, internal return is the soul expressing Eternal Return.

Internal return is initiated through the asking of the soul.

Internal return expresses as soul intention which initiates the flow and begins the journey.

As energy is always in motion, the internal return always initiates a new cycle through expansion and tension.

In other words, the internal return is the eternal response to intention.

The internal return is part of all flows of energy.

As physically manifested beings, humans are on Earth as a result of an asking within the soul responding to the ebb and flow of that Eternal Return.

While life’s journey is always about the Eternal Return, in each moment is an internal asking which emerges from the last cycle.

This internal asking drives the soul to participate with the eternal motion of All That Is.

Held within the heart each flow of energy, the soul’s internal return connects always with Eternal Return.

One Source Connection

The flow of energy from One Source is its own single, creative cycle of the Eternal Return.

All creation flows from One Source. Within this flow, energy differentiates and experiences individual awareness within that flow from One Source.

Souls are unique expressions of One Source. Soul is experience raised up within individual awareness emerging from the One into the Many into one soul.

Individual intention initiates a cycle held within the flow of the One Source.

Eventually all flow returns to One Source.

Each individual soul experiences the Eternal Return within the One Source’s experience of the Eternal Return.

Each soul is inescapably part of the Eternal Return because everything is energy flowing both from and to One Source.

Through awareness of the Eternal Return comes awareness of connection.

Eternally part of the internal aspects of One Source, all energy flow is connected.

Awareness of the Eternal Return raises awareness beyond the static view into the dynamic view.

Cycles of Creation

All creation begins, flows, and returns because energy is always in motion within the Eternal Return.

Creation is motion.

In working with Mother Earth this perspective is to learn and to discern the creative flows presented within all creative expressions.

Earth is a constant flow and balance of multiple creative flows.

Not one, many, but all from One Source destined to experience the Eternal Return

To expand awareness, consider the creation cycles within the Eternal Return generated by the internal return within the individual expression.

For example, the ebb and flow of the ocean can be explained from a scientific or technical point of view.

However, within the perspective of the Eternal Return awareness of the ocean’s flow ebbs into new understanding.

This isn’t to invalidate a technical explanation but is to expand awareness of the constant ebb and flow of the ocean as an example of the Eternal Return.

In coming to shore, the wave doesn’t declare, “I’m done for the day.”

There’s a constant ebb and flow, a forever back-and-forth.

Also consider the seasons. Winter, spring, fall, and autumn — here’s a cycle within the Eternal Return.

Pick any point of the cycle and at some point, the seasons return to the same point richer for the experience.

Not all cycles continue.

The flow runs its course.

Consider a human who is born, lives, and has creative experience.

There’s a continual energetic cycling within the being, yet at some point the essential energy of the soul within the being returns.

The physical body releases and the eternal element returns to One Source.

Additionally, there can be cycles within cycles.

For example, the human cycle of life and death to be born and die, born and die, born and die.

That’s a cycle created and motivated within the Eternal Return.

The Eternal Return can also be a metaphorical cycle expressed in life’s journey of live and let go, live and let go.

Sometimes an easy process, sometimes painfully difficult.

However, as a cycle, there’s always a return spiraled with new awareness and new experience, creating new intention.

Frequency and Amplitude

Within Physical Reality, cycles are easily described through frequency and amplitude.

Frequency is rate of repetition or how often.

Amplitude is an expression of volume.

Consider the growth cycle of a redwood tree.

Redwoods live hundreds of years to huge girth and magnificent height.

Relative to our physical perspective, frequency is slow while the amplitude is quite large.

The energy of a redwood tree is incredible, grounded and holding space within All That Is.

The redwood is a very powerful single cycle which supports multiple internal cycles.

In the spring leaves, flowers, and fruit bloom to grow and release by autumn.

Dormant in the winter, gathering energy to begin again come spring.

In Summary

The Eternal Return — all energy flows return.

The going out is always accompanied by the flow back.

The return may be at a different level; there is always a return.

To work with the energies of Earth requires this understanding.

Developing awareness of the Eternal Return within is necessary for taking this energy work to deeper and deeper levels of awareness and understanding.

The Eternal Return yields depth because what returns is not the same as what first ventured out.

The Eternal Return holds the challenge and gift of experience as an offering for the depth of your soul as soul cycles through the infinite and eternal of All That Is.

As Creative Cycle

A cycle is the initiation and completion, the raising up and the Eternal Return.

The counterpart of the Eternal Return is the Asking — the intention.

Asking begins the journey which is always about the Eternal Return — which always initiates a new cycle.

All energy flow is always part of the Eternal Return.

The Eternal Return occurs across all aspects of energy flow as well as the perspective that all energy is one with Eternal Return.

There are no separations or differentiations simply the IS of ALL which in its flow infinitely and eternally returns always.

All energy is part of the Eternal Return.

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