Everywhere is Sacred Space

Everywhere is Sacred Space is an excerpt from How to Navigate the Five Steps of Your Spiritual Journey, Chapter 36. This is a discussion on the spiritual concept crucial to understand your spiritual journey.

For me sacred space shows up primarily within two possibilities. First, when I become aware that I have entered sacred space. The sanctuary of a church, the hallowed ground of a memorial, the altar of a shrine – places created by others as sacred space. The second is the deep awareness that I hold sacred space for myself with clear intention and in each moment. Standing on the top of the mountain, on a path through old forest, at the beach – the experience brings my inner awareness to feel and embrace my experience as sacred, as connected, as foundation. The macro and the micro, the implicit and the explicit. I see me see ALL. I feel me feel ALL. As sacred space, I am the experience of ALL.

The primary spiritual concept of integration is sacred space. The challenge is understanding what is and is not sacred space. The opportunity is learning to live your life as sacred space.

Sacred space is created within when the spiritual and physical components of balance yield to and integrate with the transcendent nature of universal life force, the creative motion of All That Is. Universal life force animates the physical and spiritual dimensions, allowing you to participate in this moment as a multi-dimensional being. Universal life force brings the miraculous, the unexpected, and the unknown. By yielding the spiritual and the physical to this transcendence, you allow the integration of heart and mind, body and soul, guided by balance within and divine connection with All That Is.

In sacred space, you declare wholeness and willingness to live in awareness of divine connection and the transcendence which offers guidance from within heart and soul. You create your reality here and now through the flow of your choice.

However, it is the unpredictable flow of universal life force which supports the next step toward highest expression. To live life within sacred space, you yield control by your mind to the truth in your heart, stepping you know not where, yet trusting in the unfailing support of All That Is. Gather together the harvest of your journey: beginner’s mind, present moment focus, intention, and integrity. Allow their integration to find sacred space within. In the sacred space of integration, unity within always is.

Sacred space requires beginner’s mind because this openness to unlimited possibility creates within self an expanded opening to awareness of All That Is and the motion of the divine on all levels. By moving beyond the limitations of assumptions, allow self the opportunity to embrace life within infinite possibility. Claim space, sacred in its willingness to open to the infinite and eternal potential of divine connection.

Sacred space also requires this present moment to create a foundation within the infinite and eternal All That Is. The truth of sacred space can make itself known as a fully present and focused witness, here and now. Focus trapped in either the past or the future weakens awareness, blocking the ability to give attention and observe the process of life, to make choices, and to continue the journey.

Truth as the strong foundation of sacred space becomes the creative foundation for all experience of the spiritual journey. Without truth, sacred space is weakened, fading from attention, observation, and awareness. In sacred space, intention serves as guide within the flow of All That Is. Intention provides the focal point which shifts learning and awareness of you in this moment of being. Intention connects you with awareness of truth.

In sacred space, integrity aids in the awareness of balance within the infinite and eternal foundation of energy that is each and every human being. Integrity is the conduit of truth and trust within this divine connection. Integrity is the flow of spirit leading to clearer understanding of highest expression, here, now, always.

Sacred space is not a special physical place only available to the initiated or the anointed. Sacred space is the circle of truth you establish through the support of these four primary concepts as the touchstones of your spiritual journey. Together these touchstones form your circle as sacred space, enabling your existence to experience truth across the entirety of body, mind, heart, and soul. Together these touchstones also support attention, observation, and awareness of the infinite and eternal experience of divine connection.

Sacred space is the breath of your life and the sustenance of your soul. Sacred space is your life and your joy. Sacred space lives in your heart and fills your words with connection, learning, and infinite knowing. Sacred space is you choosing to live life as divine connection. In love and light, your life’s journey is sacred space within the infinite and eternal All That Is.

All spiritual practice, across all spiritual and religious traditions, intentionally invokes sacred space. The focus and intention of spiritual ritual is to aid in consciously calling on the presence of the divine. Lighting candles, burning incense, reciting holy manuscript, kneeling in penitence, meditating and prayer—are all at their common foundation efforts to accept the guidance and support of divine sacred space.

In your journey, you will discover the ritual elements which support your ability to establish and live within sacred space. Much like balance, which always is, sacred space is not about creating the non-existent. Rather sacred space is about clearing self to be able to find within awareness of its presence. Ritual may assist in finding a path. However, beware ritual which becomes rigid and demanding. Incense and candles are not sacred space, only reminders of what lies within heart and soul if you take the opportunity to give attention and observe.

Reflection is key.

  • Observe your process and your responses to your process.
  • Observe what works and what triggers.
  • Observe where flow moves easily and where resistance steps forward.
  • Observe where you have choice and what deflects your attention from the gap between reaction and action through choice.

Reflection is observation free from censure and condemnation. Reflection observes and allows the learning of the moment to guide towards clarity and truth.

Within sacred space, blame and fear can be accepted and released, here and now. Remain conscious of you as sacred space first by opening to truth and love. Now trust can lead to your truth. Step eagerly into the ebb and flow of life as beginner’s mind transforms I know to I LEARN.





As sacred space, you are ready for whatever is for you in this moment.

In this moment, turn attention to heart’s depth, and ask self or the Akashic Records:

  1. How does breath bring me to awareness of sacred space?
  2. How does observation bring me to awareness of sacred space?
  3. How does reflection bring me to awareness of sacred space?
  4. How does truth bring me to awareness of sacred space?

As the journey continues, I affirm:

Within Sacred Space, I am ready for whatever is for me now.

Everywhere is Sacred Space is an excerpt from How to Navigate the Five Steps of Your Spiritual Journey, Part V, Chapter 36.

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