Expand Your Akashic Records Practice

Ready to Expand Connection with Your Akashic Records?

Expand Your Akashic Records Practice Course by Cheryl Marlene

In this course, I show you how to add ritual, gemstones, and aromatherapy to your Akashic Records practice.

You have worked hard to develop and trust your connection with the Akashic Records

In this six lesson mini-course, I show you next steps into the deeper road:

  • How to develop ritual within your practice which enhances connection but does not create limitation
  • How to get personalized information about your connection with gemstones and incorporate this knowledge into your Akashic Records Practice.
  • How to also discover personal perspectives on aroma and fragrance for use within your practice.
  • Tips and advice to expand, rather than limit, your connection and practice.

This short library course is for anyone who has finished Level One of the Akashic Records Masterclass.

Though it will also make sense to any one who has learned to open their Akashic Records.

Table of Contents

This course includes these six lessons:

  1. Welcome
  2. Ritual
  3. Connecting with Gemstones
  4. Personal Gemstone Connections
  5. Fragrance and Aroma
  6. Aroma for You
  7. Mix It Up!

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Expand Your Akashic Records Practice

Learn How to Add Ritual, Gemstones, and Aromatherapy to Your Akashic Records Practice


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